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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pinterest Mentorship For Bloggers

Pinterest Mentorship For Bloggers - Did you know that every day there is always a new technology that is created? if you want to know please refer to the blog Gadget News well now we will discuss first about Pinterest Mentorship For Bloggers as you need now, we have compiled this article carefully, so please see to finish.

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Pinterest Mentorship For Bloggers

After 1 year of signing into pinterest every day I think I have gathered enough experience to establish myself as a pinterest expert.

I have read what Neil Patel have to say about pinterest.

If you check this guy out, he's a blogger guru.

Makes a living blogging.

I have read what all the other experts have to say.

Their stuff is for beginners.

I have been trying to make money online through blogging since 2011.

No 1 will offer you what I have to say today for free.

There are no affiliate links, no section where it says ''click here to get the full version.''

I have enrolled myself into all kinds of online courses promising to teach you how to get traffic and make money from your blog.

I have bought all kinds of digital books trying to teach you how to optimize your blog for search engines and how to use social media to gain traffic.

All didn't work.


Must of them have not experimented on what they're telling you.

They have just read a butch of articles and bring all that idea in 1 place and sell it to you.

This is going to leave you confused and frustrated.

How do these guys get their products in front of you?

They have spend huge amount of money and they want it back.

Just so everyone gets what we are trying to say here.

Blogging is the safest and best means to make some extra money online.

I have seen people that earn a 6 figure salary blogging.

Don't get excited, this didn't happen over night.

They had to go through some hard work.

Some had to spend lots of money.

There're many ways to promote a blog.

- Organic traffic (seo, search engine optimization)

- Inorganic traffic, word of mouth, business cards, radio or tv advertisement.

- Referral traffic (must common social media like facebook, pinterest, twitter...)

When you create a new blog, your main focus should be to gain readers, e - mail subscribers.

Don't try to make money on it by placing google ads, affiliate links...

What you want to do is create expertise in a particular field say ''how to grow better garden tomatoes.''

Then you want to give most of your content free.

If you check the most popular educational website online (wikipedia) every thing there is free.

People just have an option to donate out of free will.

That's what you're going for.

You want people to love you.

After you have gained their trust, give them your best product like say ''How I depended on my garden for vegetables for 1 whole year'' charge them an affordable fee.

Watch your bank account swell over night like crazy.

You can use paypal to gather your money.

Paypal has an option where you can send what is known as invoice.

And your account will be credited upon completion of this process.

We will be dealing today with referral traffic, and our main focus will be pinterest.

I have 3 pinterest accounts

- Have monitored this accounts for 1 year

- I have seen the amount of referal traffic each account brings to my blogs

- I have seen my avg daily views

- I have seen my avg daily engagement

What makes a good mentor?

- He is able to tell you his personal findings.

- He is able to tell you his mistakes.

- He is able to proof his success.

Facts about Pinterest

- Pinterest delivers the highest social media traffic more than facebook and twitter.

- Pinterest accepts only pictures.

- Pinterest has large ratio of female audience is to male audience.

- You're allowed to follow a total of 300 people each hour.

- You have a follow limit of 50000 people.

- The only social media site that offers its loyal users with an analytic where you can monitor things like:

> Avg.daily impressions.

> avg.daily viewers.

> Avg. monthly viewers

> Avg. monthly engaged.

All of these data is very important to your success on pinterest.

You also want to check your audience which is still found on the analytic page.

- Where do you get most visit ''country''

- Do you have more male or female audience or do you have a more female or male audience.

You want to put an eye on how your pins are performing.

Pinterest will tell you what attentions each pin is getting like:

- impressions.

- repins

- clicks

- likes

This will tell you which ones to promote

Most expert will tell you, your success on pinterest depends on the number of boards and the number of pins you have.

Tha's a lie.

Your success on pinterest depends on the number of followers you have and the number or repins, likes clicks and impressions your pins have.

Let's try to create a pinterest account from scratch and watch it drive you a crazy amount of free internet traffic.

Head over to pinterest.

-  The front page, you have an option to create a new account by inserting your e - mail and password.

- Just do that.

- Next you have the option to follow interest.

Don't get excited over this.

What is your blog about?

Make sure to follow interest that match what you're writing about.

Don't be writing about sports and you're busy following fashion.

As a new pinterest users I made the mistake of following just any interest and people.

My 1st account has over 24000 people but very poor engagement.

Pins will be delivered to your home page account according to the interest and the people you follow.

When I started working on pinterest, there was a possibility to pin the pin of a different user and change the url of that pin.

But now you can't do that.

So what you want to do is head over to your blog choose you say 5 images and pin them.

When you want to follow people, don't just go about following just any body.

Be certain they know what you're talking about or at least understand your language.

You have to go personal.

Choose your best pin and send it to your followers since pinterest only allow you to send messages to your followers.

To increase conversion rate, include a short personalized message.

Try to be polite and be a professional.

My most converting message looks like this.

Please help me Re - pin, Like and Send this pin and if you have any pins you want to promote then send it over and I will return the favor.

I'm not going to assume you know what to do.

Make sure if a person sends you a pin then re - pin and like it.

Most of them will go to your board and do further pinning.

Some of them will try to create a partnership with you where they will want to constantly send pins to you and in return you can send pins to them.

What is pinterest for Business?

- You want to get more targeted followers.

- You want to make atleast 1 of your pins go viral.

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