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Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Father - My Strength

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My Father - My Strength

It is not Father's Day today, but I'm still going to go ahead tell you how wonderful my father is. He has been my pillar of strength and source of wisdom since the day I was born.

When I was a toddler, my dad would carry me in his arms and take me to street bazaars and children's parks. He would never tire of picking me up and propping me atop the slide so I could enjoy sliding down numerous times. It was my dad who would see me and my sister off to the school bus every morning. He would always hold our hands when we crossed roads. I asked him one day why he held our hands, and he told me that he would not get to hold our hands and help us cross once we grew up. He wanted to cherish these moments as long as he could.

My father taught me how to draw and paint. He is a talented artist himself! Whichever drawing competition I have won until now (and I have won many), I have won because of my dad. He would spend many hours each day before the drawing competitions and teach me how to draw, what to draw, and how to paint well. My father always encouraged me to participate in all sorts of competitions, be it debate, painting, extempore, math or science. He would go the extra mile to show us how and why we should go the extra mile. All the medals I have won, the exams I have topped, and the accolades I have received are thanks to my father's guidance. My dad taught me how to have a balance in life. He would encourage us to play after we studied for a few hours.

My father also taught me to be self reliant. He would give me pocket money in school so I could learn to manage my own finances. I bought my first big bicycle - a magenta Atlas Ladybird, with the money I had saved up in my piggy bank. His teachings have been very valuable to me all through my life! I would never run out of cash in college when my classmates were perpetually broke. I see the biggest result now - I have a seven-figure bank balance in less than three years of being in the corporate world. I have learnt that savings is not a factor of your income, but of your attitude towards money. Many of my better paid friends have negligible net worth due to  lack of money management skills.

My father has also taught me the value of humility. The thought that my parents are well heeled never entered my mind as my upbringing has been simple. My father has always provided me for my needs. And for everything else, he has given me the education and skillset that will help me fulfill all my desires.

I owe everything I am to my father. And, I love him more than everything else in the world.

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