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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Songs from the movie Mokshya

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Articles : Songs from the movie Mokshya
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Songs from the movie Mokshya

Movie Mokshya has got rave reviews from the very first show till the second day of its public release and I am sure word of mouth will make it one of the successful movie in Nepali cinema industry history. Apart from the movie itself being nice, songs within the movie are not only melodious but also well written and synced with the flow of the movie. Mokshya can also be termed a musical with lyrics/music from Sanjeev Singh, Navakranti band, Dhilung Rai and even from the director Prabeen shrestha. Vocals are mainly from Sanjeev Singh and Navakranti band whereas one (Marchu ki kya ho Ganja tani tani) is sang by Rockshastra. 

Here are the list of  songs from the movie.

Oh oh by Navakranti band.