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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mokshya nepali movie review.

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Articles : Mokshya nepali movie review.
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Mokshya nepali movie review.

It is very difficult to write a review with full praise or full criticism as it may sound one sided which I never want it to be. So I have skipped some movies for being unable to completely rebuke one's work. This time around for Mokshya, I hesitated at first but for the exact opposite reason.
Mokshya is a musical story of a lead singer of a rock band and his struggle with life. The underground band plays in a pub with no outcome, decides to go mainstream, names itself as Mokshya, and prepares to win a band competition for their further musical career. The four college students are not much concerned with their studies nor with the result so they often get involved in conflict with their parents. Despite their family discontent, they succeed in getting recognition from the band competition but an incident struck the band right after the win. The movie does not delve into the reason behind the incident other than a stare with member of another band. Koshish, the protagonist is now bound to live his remaining life on wheel chair due to spinal cord injury. Knowing the fact that he wont be able to walk with his feet, he remains aloof not only from his band members but also from his girl friend. 

Movie is made in such a way that you get so close with the character Koshish, you feel his emotions/pain, you even get to laugh with the witty dialogues that balances the movie for not being too much sappy. Other than the lead role by Koshish Chetri, Jason the "Tori laure" Character played by Bikram singh is equally admired by people for his funny and easy acting. Uneasy dialogue delivery from the two female actors, is overshadowed by the good story line and the making. Getting the first good project, Benisha Hamal will definitely acquire good recognition from the movie. Flashbacks and flash-forwards are well managed to keep the flow smooth. Combined effort from Rajan Kathet and Pragyan Thapa is praiseworthy for the nice script and dialogues. Director Prabin Shrestha has put a real effort in bringing out his own struggle in the movie, and deserves a big salute for that. Apart from the nice making, the movie has got a message to raise awareness in people for the way they look towards person with disability (PWD).
Another plus point for the movie is the melodious songs from Sanjeev Singh, Navakranti band and Rockshastra which are well written and synced with the flow of the movie. http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/02/songs-from-movie-mokshya.html">See here for more info about the songs.
Some people are found complaining about the ending of the movie but I have no qualms over it as that's just the way his life is moving and it goes on.
So folks what you waiting for, go watch the movie and I bet you won't utter words other than synonyms of "splendid".

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