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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Letting Go Of Depression

Letting Go Of Depression - Did you know that every day there is always a new technology that is created? if you want to know please refer to the blog Gadget News well now we will discuss first about Letting Go Of Depression as you need now, we have compiled this article carefully, so please see to finish.

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Letting Go Of Depression

This is my gift to the world.

No 1 on Earth will offer what I have to say here today for free.

It Took me 4 years to come with all have to say here today.

I have been very active on the internet for some time now.

What I find out peculiar about the internet is that, people come there to look for answers they will never ask in the open, people come there to look for information they will never look for in the open.

So working on the internet you can be a God or the Devil.

How did I get to know how these?

I'm very active on questions and answer sites like Quora and yahoo answer.

On these sites, people are always trying to find out how to get out of depression and deal with self confidence problems.

Other most common questions are how to deal with boyfriends and girlfriend and marriage.

Few of the questions are also related to Existence of God.

Making Sense Out Of Nonsense

I don't even know what we are going to be saying here.

But let's try and get into it together.

As humans, these are the things we suffer from, fear, anxiety, worries.

Maybe you know these are the things we suffer from or maybe you don't or maybe you don't even care.

I am ready to get all of you on board.

So read closely as I try to clarify your mind, make you understand these are the things we have problems with and get you to care about these things since they determine your life on planet Earth.

We life in what is called time.

We all come at different times.

We all have purpose.

My believe (Christian) makes me to understand no Human Being was created without purpose.

But you have a will to hand yourself over to your creator (God) who is the only one who can better define your purpose.

Not until you find purpose will you become afraid, anxious, worry.

Before we all live a confusing and frustrating life.

Because there is power in purpose.

Dealing with fear: You are afraid to loose a loved one, a job,  you are afraid to die.

People come and they go it is a reality humans have no choice but to accept.

Sometimes you loose them to protect you, sometimes you loose them to make you stronger.

In either case you have to keep your head and shoulders high and move forward.

Maybe you are trying to settle at a level lower than your capacity.

The mother Eagle (God) has to stir the nest so that you can get to spread your winds and fly like an Eagle.

Don't be afraid when you loose a job or do not let your heart be troubled.

A better opportunity is before you.

Dead is an end means.

People always like talking about those that are already dead.

If you most die, leave behind something good people can talk about.

God said in the Bible ''I know the plans I have for you, plans of good and not of evil, to prosper you and to bring you to an expected end.''

Read your Bible it will eradicate fear from you.

Dealing with anxiety: You want to do everything now and here.

You want to get married today, you want to get a good job today, you want to deal with all your fears and worries today...

Dealing with goals in life takes some time.

Do everything one at a time.

You find a good spouse take some time to better understand each other.

To find out what type of a workman you are, it takes some time.

I hate to work under a boss, maybe you can't work unless someone is constantly behind you.

It took me some time to find out about myself.

And since then I am working hard to become my own boss.

You can't get all your fears and worries leave you today, as time goes on they will one by one be dealt with.

The Bible said 'be anxious for nothing but in supplication make your request known unto God.''

Dealing with worries: You are worried about your new spouse, what they think about you, do they actually like or even love you, you are worried about your job, when are you going to get the promotion you so long for, you are worried about this new friend, how are you going to meet up being a good friend.

You have to understand in life you can only give as much as you have.

Check that new spouse of yours, are they trying to know you or are they trying to change you, if they are trying to know you, then they are good for you, if they are trying to change you, then you made a bad choice, maybe you should think of reconsidering.

Don't over work yourself, give your best then add a little to your best.

If you can't work under someone then maybe you should start thinking of being your own boss.

Don't become your own boss when someone has to always be behind you to tell you what to do.

Friendship is a good thing.

It brings warmth, share of ideas and opinions.

The people you walk with have to take your ideas and opinions very serious.

If they don't, then they are wearying you out.

Maybe you look for some others who value you high and they can take your ideas and opinions first class.

Who am I to come out with life principles mainly professionals are allowed to deliver. Who am I to be listen to.

Well to answer these two questions, I am no body.

I am just a high school graduate in Biology and Chemistry.

I am a full time Christian.

But I have something you need to hear.

I have Divine wisdom given to me by the very spirit of the almighty God.

I am a happy man.

I have the peace of Jesus Christ that surpasses all human understanding.

You must not take what I have to say, but if you need to make sense out of nonsense then take this, it will do you allot of good.

Read your Bible.

There are also daily devotionalswhich break down scriptures and try to explain them to you. Read those too. Love people.

Starting Over

You have done all the crazy things your teenage brain told you to do.

Stay home and break into people houses to steal their hard earned money just to take your girl friend to a party, night club.

When you were suppose to be in school doing something important for your life.

You have broken into the fence of people to sneak their daughters out of their homes, you have ran away with peoples daughters to different cities, different countries. You have made boys fight each other, you have made boys felt like idiots, you have made your girl friends try to commit suicide because you keep singing in their hears daily how ugly they looked.

You have gossip and bring teachers to their knees, principals have lived on your mercy.

There is going to come that day when all these youth energy will be taken away from you. You will find out that you are no longer able to go to a night club come back home at five, attend school at 8 till 3.

You will find out that energy to had to have sex yesterday till 4 and still make it to school the next day at 7 has been taken away from you.

Now what?

You have to find a purpose to keep living, you have to find something to make you want to keep living.

You want to start working on your reason for living and the continuity.

This is when you will have to stop and start living in time.

You will have to go back to your childhood days, did you stop school in those crazy days of yours, then start over, did you got married and divorce in those foolish days of yours then find another, where are your parents, go back to them, apologies to what you have done to them, 99% of them will be glad to take you back under their roofs until you are able to get your feet on the ground again. What was that child trying to be?

Take it up again.

Your whole generation on Earth is able to benefit from one good decision from you, do not blow it.

Do not let past mistakes or any one to hold you down well they have fellowship and you failures.

To make it in life, you will have to learn how to live with criticism.

Whether you like it or not you will have people that do criticise you, and some people will even hate you.

Some time it is just because they can not more use your failures to feel better of themselves and other times it is not even about you.

You could be in an environment and you are the type that is trying to inspire and encourage others to take it all over again, and then one day from noway, you will just notice a flood of critics trying to pull you down, most of the times these are second class people and low minded people.

As far as what you are doing is right then raise your shoulders up and keep doing it.

Do not respond to your critics as you will give them your power.

You want to kill it then ignore it.

This time take some time to know the man that you want to be with, know the type of woman you want to bring into your house.

They will ware you out if they do not know how to take care of a man or woman.

Their male and female instincts have to be in place.

I human being is better when they understand their masculinity or felinity.

The Psychology Of Do

We all live in a world that we have to do personal studies and research.

What are humans? some say they are evolved monkeys, some say they are created from a Divine being called God.

What is your version, do you just do what others are doing or do you just say what others are saying.

I believe in a Devine being called God.

His wisdom is that of eternity.

He takes away the fear of dead from you and take care of the unknown.

To say he is the one that created the Earth and everything that lives in it, I can't say for sure.

But to study this Devine being, there is a book called the Bible.

The Bible makes me to understand ''In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.''

What is this trying to say?

There was a spoken word and this spoken word was God.

Man came into existence from this spoken word.

So if you ask me, man was created by God.

There are no scientific proofs that this Devine being actually exist.

But time will tell you there have existed some supernatural things.

A good example is that of the 7 wonders that happened years ago in Egypt when God wanted to get out the Israelites from the Pharaoh.

What I am trying to claim here? Am I trying to be above the law, certainly not.

I am trying to tell man there is a superior Devine being that have no explanation to man about what it does.

To understand this Devine being and his relationship to man, then you have to read the Bible.

So lets stop talking about God and talk about man.

Man is a complicated creature capable of change, anger, hate, fear, worries, power and anxiety.

What do you do when you do they say you do, when you don't do they say you don't do.

There are things man is required and must do to survive.

Man must make sense out of life, get a career, get some relationships, a spouse, friends.

What are we trying to land athere?

We are trying to land at you.

Only you can do you like you do you.

You have to learn how to love yourself.

People will always say things about what you do.

But you have to become strong in what you do.

So you can get some understanding of what you do or so that the right people will come to you and don't loose them to your critics.

Man is trying to make sense out of life, man is trying to be happy.

There are higher forms of these such as peace and joy.

The one that gives peace is Jesus Christ.

Know about him?

If you don't yet know about him, he was born by a virgin called Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit died on the cross of Calvary and was resurrected on the third day.

To understand this Devine being, you have to read the Bible.

Where am I trying to get your attention to?

Man has the capacity to function in power.

I am going to name a few for you.

There is white power, there is block power, there is power in money, there is power in beauty, there is power in the Holy ghost which is the spirit of God.

There are many more you will have to do research for yourself  you can find out about the others.

Among all these powers, you want to get the power of the Holy Ghost.

It is going to give you wisdom and teach you things man and even the Devil does not know.

Read your Bible, be kind and good to people. Above all love people.

Redefine yourself

Are you the type that was crying 5 days ago to get a job and 6 days later you will not stop complaining why everyone is calling just you?

Or are you the type everyone told not to go after a girl and now no one will have peace because you will not give them their rest?

Or maybe you are the type that thought when you got married everything will work out, and now your husband can not come home after a long day at work and meet a decent meal on the table, or your wife has got sick and tired of telling you where to put your shoes after work and hang your towels after bath?

You have the job now, find another one if you do not like this one.

Stop complain that everyone is calling just you.

You will feel bored and lonely if everyone ran away from you, you could as well just learn how to live the stress.

Now you have got her, leave her or shut up.

You are married, be a caring wife and you be a loving husband.

Then maybe you want to wait until life brings your next second and then you can act and deal with it.

Sing this song with me

One day at a time sweet Jesus, that is all I am asking from you, teach me the way to do every thing one day at a time.

Show me the right way, I want to follow, Lord teach me the way to do everything one day at a time.

Finding you

I don't know you, I don't even know why I am trying to find you.

But Let's try to find you.

Who's character are you carrying, your fathers, a friend, a star, this is not you.

Have you ever heard of the saying ''imitation leads to danger''.

You Can't be someone else.

Only that person knows what they do, when they do what they do, how they do what they do, why they do what they do.

So if you are imitating someone, then you will just be a duplicate of that person.

Do you know what a duplicate is? it is the exact copy of something.

It is not even like a copy write where knew things are added and some things are taken away. Lets try to find you...

Not until you stop and return to your childhood days, not until you stop and start living in time will you be able to know who you are and what you need to survive.

There is something known as happiness there is even a greater form of happiness known as peace.

These are the things you need to make it through this world.

Return back to those childhood days find out what you were, where that child was trying to go to, how that child did what it did, why that child did what it did.

Then you will have to come up with a character.

Your character is what people imitate or dislike.

Mind you, Your boy or girl characters are usually disliked.

So try to remember when parents had to clap for you and try to stir you up because they saw an innocent child trying to please and impress people.

In life, you want to become successful, happy and find other greater things like peace which only Jesus Christ can give when you become a Christian.

Try to find some sense out of life.

No matter who you are there are people that look like you, think like you, there are people that value you high.

Find these people create a friendship with them, find even love from such people, try to be your best, make some mistakes but make sure they are forgivable, cry when you need to, laugh when you need to, mourn when you need to, but don't let either overwhelm you.

Be yourself, don't try to be someone else.

And the right people will love you for who you are.

Understanding the Power of Self confidence

Self esteem is also another form of self confidence.

You need this intact that's why I started here.

By nature your family is always going to lack trust in you, your fellow country men and some friends.

These are people that have seen you defined you and will characteristically react to make sure you fall under what they have perceived about you.

These people want to belittle you fit you into a box and feed you when they want and don't when they don't want.

They have the power to enslave you and eventually cause depression.

Once you feel limited you get depressed, once you feel enslaved, you get depressed.

Yet there're some people by nature that will estimate you high and this will boost your self confidence.

These are the people you want to draw closer to.

Someone once said ''if you are feeling depressed and with low self estimate check if you're not surrounded by ass holes''

Awake Oh Sleepers

I am not the one who said that. the Bible is the one which said that.

Now the Bible is not referring to those sleeping on their beds, the Bible is referring to those sleeping on what man must do in order to survive.

What are we trying to get into here, we are trying to get into something beyond human understanding.

There are things man is required to do in order to survive such as make money, play and have sex.

We are trying here to understand about self and personality.

Have you ever tried to understand who you are?

Or are you just following what others say about you or are you just following what others are doing,.

You have to find your uniqueness, Just you can do what you do, when you do it, how you do it, why you do it.

I am not trying to throw slance nor am I trying to be offensive.

I am just trying to reveal and expose to you who you really are.

There are things you can do that no one can do, there are things you can't do that someone can do.

Find what you can't do that someone else can do and study from that person and find what you can do that no one else can do and teach others.

You must not be a scammer or a 419 to make life.

There are things you better understand than any other person.

Take some time, study these things, proof them and become a teacher of them.

And maybe you get students who will eventually have to pay for the class.

Personally I have come to a realization that no one is stupid as they think neither are they losers as they think.

You just have to stop letting people infiltrate negativity into your mind.

You are capable of something, find out that thing and become an expert in that thing.

Don't sit home crying about things you can't do, don't sit home crying about things others can do that you can't do, don't sit home hoping you were like someone else, don't sit home blaming others about your misfortune.

Get up and find out things about yourself that no one can.

No one can do you like you do you.

The Bible said ''be as wise as a serpent, as courageous as a leopard, as gentle as a dove.''

Encourage yourself in what you can do and love what you can do then make some studies and research about what you can do and become a professional in what you can do.

Dealing With Depression

Every human will or has gone through a depressive face of life.

This is like living in the dark.

You can get depressed when you don't understand what is required of you.

When you do A, they want B, when you do B, they want A back.

This brings about confusion.

You can also go depressed if you face the same bad situation on and on.

Bad situations like being bullied or being raped several times.

Depression can also be caused by anxiety and too much fear. 

These are the few reasons I can think of right now.

Depressed people lie allot, they store used things, they sleep allot, they try to do too much or too less of everything they do. This period of life is mostly in the middle age (18 - 25.)

I have been depressed before.

So I know exactly what I am talking about.

I am not just doing this for the sake of making a blog post or writing an article to interest you.

I know what it means living in the dark.

I know what it means when you have no feelings.

I know what it means to ask a Therapist ''I am ever going to be ok'' I know what it means to leave the hospital where you were supposed to get helped for being depressed, double depressed.

I know what it means when you start going to church hoping to get helped with your depression problem and then you were talked to madness.

So you can see I share in your pain, I share in your frustration, I share in your lonely world. I even lack words while writing this because too much words are coming to my mind I have to choose which one to bring out.

I am going to give you 3 human aspects you can work with.

Thought: Your thought is what you think about, why you think about what you think about, how you think, when you think about what you think about. Your thoughts have creative power.

The Bible is a good place to align your thoughts with.

It only tells you what you want and must hear.

It says all those things that are lovely and have good repute think on these things.

It is always difficult to start reading the Bible as someone new to it even to Christians.

I too have problems just opening the Bible and reading it so I turn to daily devotionals.

The people writing daily devotionals choose scriptures from the Bible and try to explain them. 

Only when you start thinking like a man or like a woman will you be able to develop what is known as the male and female instinct.

The male and the female instinct is very interesting to a human live.

Humans will start responding to you in a different way even other animals will start responding to you.

Sub consciousness: This is where you store what you think about and what has happen to you through out life.

So when you find out that you are reacting badly or not normal I could say then you want to check your sub consciousness.

Go back right to your childhood days check the things that happened to you, you must have overlooked and now it is causing you hell of a trouble.

Try to deal with these things once and for all.

Mind: These is how you see and connect to other humans.

Bad mind can cause you to go depressed.

Maybe you are not moving along well with other humans because of something bad that happened to you.

You will have to deal with this alone and try to find you some ''good'' people.

That will help you create positive memory.

Above all, you want to love humans.

I could write on this the whole day, just writing it fills my eyes with tears because I know what most of you out there are going through. Check your friends, make sure they are at the same level as you are or they have respect to what you say, take your opinion about important matters.

This is to make sure the people that matter to you, the people you move and play with are not wiring you out or are not misusing you.

Be patient.

To get out of depression is a gradual process it takes some time and allot of effort on your part.

I can not leave you without introducing you to a friend (The Holy Spirit.)

For those of you that know something about the trinity, then you know what I am talking about, for those of you that don't then there is something known as God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the founder of a church not man.

The church is a divinely ruled place not a human organisation.

The Bible is the book that explains to you the divine nature of the church.

Let no man fool you, there is God that lives in a place called heaven.

This great God loves you. He is so focused on his attention that you feel him as though he loves just you.

Read the Bible, pray to the Holy Spirit to help explains the words that are written in the Bible.

For spiritual things are foolishness to the common man, but unto us dead on the cross is power unto salvation.

Understanding The Causes Of Depression

You might want to hear this, you might not want to hear this, but in either case I will say it any ways.

I am a man with a big heart.

I worry allot about what man is going through and sometimes it can even drive me to doing things I am not suppose to do like studying something like the causes of depression. I have been depressed before. It is a difficult time, it is a dark age.

When I came to Germany I found out that Depression is an Epidemics.

And you know what an Epidemic is, a huge percentage of the population is going through that disease.

And some might just pick it up even if they are not going through that particular disease.

I am not the one that makes fun of people, I am the one that picks every body up.

So if you are the one that is looking for the actual causes of depression, then follow me or if you are the one that has just picked it up equally follow me as we get through this together.

Why are you depressed?

You are depressed because you are worn out.

The are people that have the power to wear to out to depression.

Mothers, Fathers, Friends. 

When you start trying to find your way in life do not let your mother tell you, look at this one that I was changing the diapers, she was suppose to do that, do not let your father tell you that look at this one I was spending my money on to send to school, he was suppose to do that, that is what is called commitment.

They had to be committed to you for bringing you into this world.

Your father is suppose to guard, protect and lead you, your mother is suppose to care and love you.

That is their duty in your life and not try to take you down to their failures in life.

You should be able to tell a friend in their face that is trying to make you see life as they see, to chill.

You do not think as I think, you do not think when I think, you do not see what I see, you do not see when I see.

Coming out is difficult, people have even loose their lives trying to come out.

What do you do when the one that is trying to bring you down is your own father.

It scares me to dead to come out with something as powerful as this.

You should be able to start in your fathers face and tell him to get off you, your should be able to stand in your mothers face and tell her to get off you, you should be able to tell someone that is trying to be your friend to get off you if they are thinking and seeing for you.

In all of these what are we trying to come out with today?

We are trying to find the one.

Your father is not you, your mother is not you, your friends are not you, they should be able to follow you and accept you the way you are, rather than try to build you or make you become what they could not become.

The reason you got depressed was because people took you away from you.

Find them, tell them to get off you, change your mind set, anybody that is not able to fit in what you are good at should leave.

You can only know the cure of something if you know the cause.

This article has explain the causes to you.

If you want us to talk about the cure, then lets do that.

Everything you have gone through in life is stored in your mind.

And your thoughts have a very important role to play when it comes to your mental health.

You want to deal with these two.

What thoughts are you having lately?

What have you stored in your mind through out the years?

You should be able to create fresh thoughts, thoughts of hope and faith.

You should be able to take someone out of your mind that you wish you could kill and live for you.

Do not let anybody sit on you, stand in their face and tell them to get off you. Take sometime to find out who you are and study and love you.

Breaking Through Frustration

The nearest cousin to frustration is confusion.

So don't you worry we are going deal with the two at the same time together.

What is frustration of being frustrated?

You have had the tall rich and handsome guy now what, you have had this beautiful lady that has it all nice and tied (stole this from Americans, so you know what I am talking about) now what, you have had the career that is making you travelling the world and meeting new people now what, you have the best car now what, you have got a good house now what...

What is confusion or being confused?

You don't know if you want this man or that one, you don't know if you want this woman or that one, you don't know if you want this job or that one in America, you don't know if you want this car or that one over there...

Dealing With Frustration: Frustration has two key elements that you will need to work with (fulfilment and being contempt). Even the Bible said ''be contempt with what you have''.

Don't forget your childhood dreams were to get married to this tall rich handsome guy or this beautiful woman that has it all nice and tied, get a good job, finally ride in your own car and travel as you please.

Acknowledging the fact that these are the things you wanted will bring about fulfilment. Trust me fulfilment is a great feeling.

It can go on for months.

Be contempt in these things, many people don't have what you have, some have even died trying to get what you have.

Encourage yourself in what you have and not worry about what you do not have.

Dealing With Confusion: With confusion, you will have to work with your decision power and your decision threshold (what factors make you come to that point where you say ''this is it'').

If you are faced with two men, choose one (the must be one that you like the most and the other may just be receiving yourself petty).

Likewise you are faced with two ladies choose one (as a man don't forget your power to decide is your most powerful tool, it defines you as a man).

With a job, don't be too concerned about the payment, look at their working conditions, look at their working environment and then decide which best suit you.

Do you want me to go into you choosing a car too, what colour do you like, what car size do you like, also pay attention to the shape of the car, this will make you come out with a good choice.

Frustration and confusion will come at many points in your life.

Their most powerful times is when you are looking for who to get married to, making career choices, deal with it at this time with the help provided above.

It will come in other times of live especially when you are deciding to have children (how many will you like to have, whose name will they be bearing...) making career choices for the children... and even in other times like as to where you will be taking your vacations.

At any time you have to remain yourself of the factors that need to be kept constant (fulfilment and being contempt, decision power and your decision threshold).

Every thing must get under control if these elements are kept constant.

Getting Out Of Slavery

We could call this ''Freedom'' I wanted to call this ''What Is Enslaving You'' or ''Getting Out Of Misery''.

But on second thought the title ''What is enslaving You'' will limit you just to the causes of what is enslaving you rather than getting you out of slavery.

The title ''Getting out of Misery'' will leave you limited as to the things that make us miserable.

Now slavery is a very huge topic and a strong word.

Infact there had been a time when this term define human color.

Blacks have been in a time when their color defined them as slaves.

At this time a white just had to call you my Nigger and that's it, you were looked upon as a slave.

Till this date this word have been known to break people down and even wear them out.

So what do you do when we will be talking all day about slavery and slaves?

Let me try to give a little freedom to those of you who are blacks and have a slave mentality.

Slavery had been through out the world, Historians can really tell you what happened, the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt and there had been other forms of slavery in the world.

Till date there is still slavery, they have even try to make it sound a little interesting by calling it modern slavery.

Slavery is slavery, whether modern or ancient slavery nothing change the fact of a slave and a slave master.

I am just trying to show some of you where we are trying to get to with this.

Let me try to bypass some of you who will say ''what is this one trying to tell us today about slavery, is ''it'' a Historian?''

To answer that question I am no Historian I am a science student, I like it when it is actual and real.

I am not here to tell you about African slavery or the freedom of Israelites slaves by a God.

I am here to tell you about the physiology, psychology and physical states of slavery. 

Stay with me I will try to get us out of this I promise.

Let me try to run you through the times that man has been seen on the planet Earth.

Man has been here for 8 thousand years.

Some say man is an evolution (you know from monkeys to man).

But for those of us that are Christians, we believe man was created by God (you know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, man had to fall because the Devil in the form of a serpent deceived the woman to eat of the forbidden fruit... you can read Genesis in the Bible to get the full story, I will not narrate that to you here).

History tells us about early man, the Bible tells us about Adam and Eve, you will have to decide for yourself which one to follow.

There was the stone age, this was the time of discovery, when man started discovering things they could use to meet up with their day to day life.

And it's said civilisation began in Egypt.

There was the time of Noah, when God destroyed the Earth with water (God caused it to rain on the Earth for 40 days).

There was the time of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this was when God freed the Israelites out of Egypt and was known at the time to fight the wars of the Israelites.

There had been a time of Jesus Christ.

Known to be the saviour, king of the Jews, He died on the cross of Calvary and was resurrected on the third day.

There had been a time of Colonisation, you hear about the mad rush for Africa.

There had been a time of Slavery, mostly talked about are African slaves.

There had been a time of war, you hear about world war.

This is not the Chronological order in which these events took place.

But at least you get the picture as to what I am trying to disclose here.

Don't sit all day and let some one maltreat you because you're black as it's commonly said, there had been other slaves.

And don't have a slave mentality.

Don't let some one intimidate you because their country was victorious during the times of war, you should be able to ask yourself ''was I there?''

This is also a golden opportunity for me to introduce my faith.

So you can see Christianity is not about going to Church, it has Historical events to back up its relevance, importance and power.

Talk about Egypt at the time when God freed the Israelites, Egypt was no play country, Egypt was a very strong country at that time.

Talk about a God that was able to cause it to rain on the surface of the Earth for 40 days, killing all live forms including man, except for Noah and his sons and their wives and some animals that were taken along with them.

Talking about it; can't give one the picture, but this was an event that even repented God.

God had also destroyed another part of the Earth, When he caused it to rain Sulphur and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Noah had to tell God to promise him he will never do such a thing again, when God sealed the Covenant with Noah never to destroy the Earth again with a rain bow.

Talk about the birth of Jesus Christ by a virgin Mary, his dead and resurrection and ascension.

All these events are just to show you there is truly a God backing up the Christian faith.

The Bible said ''oh taste and see that the Lord is good''.

Why not give it a try...

Now there are 3 things that have the power to enslave you.

Before we get to that let us stop and see the causes of slavery.

Fear: What are you afraid of, are you afraid you are not going to get married, are you afraid you are not going to get the career of your life, are you afraid you are not going to pass that exam, are you afraid people are not going to like you in your new school, job, church, to find a real man or woman takes some time and careful study, be patient and one day the right person will just walk into your arms just like that, don't run into the arms of a man with no sense of humor, child molester, don't run into the arms of a woman with no respect, can not take care of a child, what was it that you wanted to be as a child, now you have become a man or woman you don't more pay attention to what people are saying, now is the right time to pick up that dream again and do it right this time, if you are preparing for an exam, read, play then read some more and I assure you, you will make it with excellent grades, have you gotten into a new environment then be yourself and the right people will walk right to you, don't try to mask, be a people pleaser, be someone else, just do it like you do it and that is enough.

Failure: Failure has been known to break humans down sometimes so bad they try to commit suicide, run away from home, but we can all learn from failure, what happened that you failed, didn't you read well for the upcoming exam?

Next time try to add a little more afford to the one you gave first.

Were you not a good husband or wife?

Your parents can't just give into your teenage altitudes, don't loose a wife or husband and say ''I am going me on some blind date'', take some time figure out what happened and then you can free your mind, don't fail to be a friend and then try to be a brother, first you go back see were you failed take some time to correct your mistakes.

Anxiety And Worries: Don't be too anxious, don't get up the ladder and then you want to kill everyone found under the ladder, you will need this people latter in life, rather help them climb up the ladder and they will return the favor when you need them.

The Bible said ''don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will have enough worries for itself'' Why worry are you able to make a single hair in your head, the birds, they don't sow nor rip yet their heavenly father have food for them daily, are you not worth more than those birds.

Rest your head go to sleep.

Now let us get into the heart of this matter 3 things with the power to enslave you.

Mentality: In the times of African slavery, whites saw them as slaves, they treated their horses better than them, it was an abomination for a black man to talk to a white man let alone have sex with a white woman.

You see during this type it was not that the blacks looked horrible, but it was the mentality of the people at that time of what a slave was all about.

The biggest problems blacks had to go through at the time was not even during the slavery period, it was during slavery abolition, mind you slavery at the time was a legal thing to do.

Humans have lived in a time when they were sold as goods.

Blacks had their most difficult time socialising with the whites at the time.

They were shot, raped, maltreated, send to jail for no just course.

This was the power of mentality at work.

Do you get what we are trying to say here?

If not let me try to explain further.

There is a way someone coming from Africa sees a white man even to date, they come to the white mans country with a mentality of what they have seen in the movies.

And there is a way a white man sees a black man till date.

They think we do all the stupid things like smoking, raping and that Africa is a begging country, well some of us didn't come from such parts of Africa, I for one came from an average family.

There is also a mentality of how a man is suppose to be and how a woman is suppose to be.

The truth is, you should be focused knowing the one you are trying to know rather than thinking how men or women are suppose to be.

What mentality are you still operating with?

Do you still think blacks were slaves and so they are inferior to you as a white, or do you still think there are men and women rather than the one, or are you trying to operate with someone with an inferior mentality of what blacks once were considered to be or what women are or what men are rather than concentrating on the one you are trying to be with.

Not until you stop and say ''wait a minute who am I''.

Then will you be able to know who was, is enslaving you or how and why you are enslaving yourself.

For someone like me, only after I went crazy before I decided to change my mindset and start fighting for my rights like every other normal human being.

Change your mindset, you are worth, important and useful to someone, don't let someone or they to limit you while they get fellowship and you failure.

Love who you are, identify those that can not handle you loving you and throw them away with no second thought, they will wear you out and leave you confuse and frustrated.

Get out of your misery.

You are one but you are a generation, you have a generation that will have to live on what you were able to be and do as one.

Don't let any man take this away from you.

Thinking: The Bible said ''as a man thinketh so is he in his heart.''

How do you think, in order words how do you prioritize things, do you think and then do or do you do and then think.

It is dangerous to do and then think so you have to think and then do.

There're many educated people who don't know how to live.

Don't put your ipod before your wife, husband or child.

I have a real life lesson to share with you here.

I have seen a sister who puts her ipod phone before her own son.

That's close to insanity.

Learn how to life, don't do something that will endanger your whole family and then later think about the danger it has brought to your family.

Thinking have creative power.

Not everyone wants to hurt you, some people want to love and take care of you, but you have to give them the chance to do that, and you can only do this if you think.

There is a right way to life, you don't have to jump over the fence to get to peoples daughters, when you can have a proper reason to life and present it to a father and then he will hand you his daughter.

Your thinking have the power to make life easy and your thinking have the power to make life a living hell.

Go to school, learn a good job and learn how to live with people, have a good character and behaviour and the right people will like to relate with you.

So you can see like mentality, thinking also have the power to enslave you.

Now how?

Your thinking can enslave you through failure.

Don't become a man or a woman and then  try to do to others what they did to you as a child, boy or girl, that is just going to cause you to fail.

Don't learn new things about life and then try to use it against others that don't know what you know, they will eventually one day know what you knew and some will even attack you causing failure.

You can see in the days of Jesus Christ he was known as Rabbi meaning teacher, he is the one that brought about sermons to teach the people what he knew.

Each time you are trying to know someone, you want to know how they think and their thinking will lead you straight to their heart.

Thoughts: What do you still have in your mind.

In this section, we will be seeing detoxification of the mind, unlike the detoxification of biochemical substances, we will be talking here about the detoxification of the mind.

Your thoughts are being stored in a section of the human system known as the mind which also have a sub consciousness.

There was a way you thought as a child.

You know going about thinking everyone was your parent and trying to keep up to the demands of parents.

There was a way you thought as a teenager, when you found out about sex, some of us ran away from home with our girl and boy friends just to feel the freedom of sex.

We did horrible things like have sex with prostitute, watching huge amount of pornographic content, because this was the stage of hormonal explosion like Oestrogen responsible for the female hormone and progesterone responsible for the male hormone.

Some of us new what to do to the opposite sex in order to get sex, some of us didn't even know how to communicate to the opposite sex, and yet some of us were so rude to the opposite sex to get them to submission.

That was just to run you through what you once were, a child, that was loved and appreciated by parents, a rough teenager.

I am not here to accuse anyone.

We have all gone through these stages of life.

I am here to tell you, you can do it again, and this time right.

Now to tell you the truth, sex just make up a very little part of what life is all about, infact if not well taken care of, it will not even feel sexy.

Your pornography knowledge of sex will fail you because it's not what sex is all about.

Sex is a mutual relationship between a man and a woman.

Gone are the days you will have to beg a girl to dead or even force them, make a boy beg you to dead just to have sex with you, this time both partners have to be in agreement in order to take the sex process.

Women love when they are admired and their beauty is given attention.

Wander on their bodies and appreciate their beauty.

Give value to their presence, move slowly on their body until you know their hot spots which differs from every female you are going to meet.

Know the one you have met, they are not one of your porn star, who knew how to give you the right screams, this time you will have it a little difficult, because the scream will not just be an act but an actual fact which has to be kindled.

And you have to do that.

Gone are your days of glory when you had to make guys masturbate just because you resisted them to give them sex.

A real man will not beg you for sex, you will have to know how to give it to him when he needs it and how to take it away from him when he is taking advantage of it.

If you are a woman then you understand the importance of giving your husband the right amount of sex.

You need to know how to take care of a man which also include him getting his sex.

This is not the time to have to cry to get attention or get people to stop doing what you don't find right, this is the time to stand in some ones face and say boy, you are driving me nuts today!!! or girl leave my man alone or you get this!!! ladies you know what I am talking about.

What is all these trash I have written here today.

I am just trying to show you what was, is enslaving you, so that you can stand up and take the bold step and fight your slavery out or beat your slave master to dead.

Read what you have read like this, understand what you must understand, bring out your own version of what you have read, see what you can see from what you have read, interpret it with the language you best understand, come out with a vision.

What Is Your Vision?

Your vision is how you see and define life.

And there is power in your vision.

The visual part of the human body is your eyes.

And the part in the brain responsible for interpreting the things you see is called the visual context.

Mind you this part does not produce one image of what you have seen, it produces thousands of images of what you have seen and then defines it all at the same time so that you get the picture.

We are not here today to talk about the visual section of your brain.

We are here to talk about the visual context of how you interpret life.

Someone once said the most dangerous man is a man without a vision.

Life is fun of becoming a routine.

Don't life a routine life.

Don't go to work from Monday to Friday and then to the swimming pool on Saturday morning and in the evening dinner with your wife and on Sunday you go to Church and in the evening you watch TV with your wife.

And you know between March and April you have a family vacation You are going to feel routine.

Try to be creative. Do strange things.

You can take a day off with your wife not to your favourite restaurant but to a one even out of the city on a Monday.

The two strange days in the week to do things like that are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Change your family vacation plans, city, games, Countries...

This will give you the taste of change.

If you are working under a company then you will need to start thinking of having your own.

You can start it small, then still remain working for the other company.

Then when it is grown enough for you to take over, move in and take over at once.

The benefit of having your own business is you can swap, say you are running a restaurant that cooks African food, you can change at any time and start cooking Asian food.

No body is going to judge you for that.

This is going to keep you in a constant learning environment.

You can take day offs and vacations as you please.

It feels great to be your own bus.

What am I trying to bring to you heretoday?

I am trying to teach you how to live through life. Don't set home all day complaining about what you get paid for doing the job you do, or wishing your boss gets hit by a bus or insulting every other co-worker at work.

When you can life above that and become the man, woman of your dreams.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

What Is Your Version?

We are going to be talking today about your version.


What is this now?

Hold your breath while we get into the matter together.

For there is power in your version.

Your version is how you see and define live.

Now you had a childhood version of live, when you were trying to impress parents and dream of becoming a doctor, actor, actress, police man, and then your teenage days came when you were trying to conquer the world.

Some of you even joined the army to start world war 5.

We are no here today to talk about your childhood version nor your teenage version of life, we are here today to define you as a man or as a woman.

The second you become a man or woman, everything automatically change, you start wandering.

Why do we even do the things we do?

Where do we really come from?

Are we really created by God or are we just evolving apes.

Well as for me, I do believe we were created by God.

I read the Bible allot and study spiritual things.

We are not here to talk about God either, we are here to talk about you.

Because if you will need to fine God, that will depend on you.

I can take a foolish boy but I can't handle a foolish man for 1 seconds.

I am going to try to explain to you about version from a live experience.

I have seen a 57 year old woman still calling people nigger.

I was like when are you going to start being instructional, directional, disciplined and have life principles.

That word could be wiggle, like my brother Eminen said in one of his records, I like him.

When you become a man or woman, words don't make sense any more, it is what you do that make sense.

No wander adults don't get respect from youths these days.

They call people nigger and then they also find you call them nigger.

They are just going to think you are their mates.

These things are natural, if a youth is calling people nigger, they think that is their thing, and if they also find you calling people nigger, they thing you are trying to be like them, so they will just equal you.

Adults are mostly known when it is time to shout and show power, send people out, rather than being guardians, protectors, leaders, advisers.

Only you have the power to build yourself, don't let your boy days arrogance ruin your life.

This explains why a man will leave his wife and children, because they can't handle being a loving husband coming back home from work and taking care of children.

You want to still go to the bars and cause trouble and fight.

I am not saying you should be a boring man at home taking care of your wife and children.

Once in a while feed your boy, but do it wisely, you are a big boy now like DMX said in one of his records.

Prioritize your life, first things first.

For someone like me, it is God first, family second and then other things.

Don't go to play golf on Sundays and then forget about God.

Don't put your car or your iphone before your wife.

Don't stay at work while your child is having a birthday party.

The Bible said ''husbands love your wives as Christ as loved the Church and wives respect your husbands. ''children honour you father and mother so that your days might be longer on Earth and parents do not provoke your children to anger''.  


For those of you that did English in school this sounds like a vac topic right?

And intelligent teachers at the time told us to run away from vac topics.

Now I know why they had to do that, you do not know what is required in the case of a vac topic.

Only the one who came out with the vac topic knows what it is looking for.

So we are not going to be talking today about your normal looking, we are going to be seeing looking defining life.

The section of the human body involved in looking is called the eyes.

I love what the eyes is able to do with the Brian, that is why I did Biology back in my school days. 

The section of the Brian connected to the eyes is called the visual cortex.

Each time you look at something, the visual cortex produces thousands of images about what you have looked at and define them at the same time to you.

That is why some people have problems with colour, because your visual cortex has to be able to define all these things to you at the same time. 

We are not here today to talk about your visual cortex section of the Brian, we are going to be talking about your visual cortex section of what you see in life when you look.

Some one reading this article today might say it is written by a black man, what can a black man tell me, blacks were slaves, blacks are not intelligent, and someone might just read it through for the pleasure of reading, yet someone might read it and not understand, and yet someone might read it and find somebody giving out something it is not suppose to give.

Which one of these are you?

When you look at life what do you see?

Do you see blacks?

Do you see whites? Do you see men?

Do you see women?

Or do you see the one.

Every thing man has discovered and gone through was brought about by one man ( women do not feel excluded when I talk about man, the Earth is define by man).

Do not sit all-day working for a company expecting to make it through life, do not sit all-day scamming people thinking you are smart, do not sit all-day stealing money from the Government because you know how to do that and come out clean.

All these things feel good at the beginning but in the long run it will wear you out, it as the potential to send you to jail and even kill you.

Do not sit all-day trying to overall the Government of the United States Of America.

For those of you that know what America is, that is mission impossible right?

Come out find out something only you have seen.

Every body might be looking at a human need but only you is bold enough to see that human need.

Take some time study it and define it.

What if you have to redefine it.

You might see something people wrongly looked at, redefine it.

What are we trying to come out with today, we are trying to come out with the one.

If you are able to see something that nobody else was able to see, then you become the one.

And you know the one is always followed by others.

The biggest Entertainment industry today (Hollywood) was founded by one man.

If Hollywood stops today, Americas Economics drops.

You want to leave something behind that your 14 generation will be proud of you.

Do not sit home thinking down on yourself, do not let anybody define you.

Go into some deep study and bring up a life principle man will have no choice but to live on.

Define it and it becomes you.

That is the end of my story.

Becoming A Super Selector

A man has the way he selects his things and a woman has the way she selects her things.

I real man is very careful when it comes to selecting his career and a real woman is very careful when it comes to selecting her man and selecting her friends, people that are going to be close to her.

I love exceptional men and women.

They just simply amaze me.

We are not going to be talking today about that.

So if you got excited thinking we are going to be talking about boyfriends and girlfriends then this article will disappoint you.

But why not read on so you find out something greater...

Most of the times when people become adults, they think they are free from their childhood days and teenage days, while let me dare to break that freedom.

There're adults who act like kids and there are adults who act as teenagers.

They call them small minded people.

And they expect every body to fit in their small world.

Gone are your teenage days when you which every one was like you, no body if like you, the DNA in your finger print is different from any other person even your mother or father don't have the same DNA as you.

No body does what you do when you do what you do.

No body can do you like you do you.

You might find at work someone is disturbing you the way you work, how you look, are you beautiful, handsome, white, black, comes from Europe, America or from the Middle East when they should be looking at your productivity, importance and usage.

Don't let such people drag you down in that world, rather work on becoming useful, important and productive.

There are certain fights you will have to fight, people might challenge you on the man you choose or the woman you choose.

These are the types of fight you fight.

There are not million of women in the world or million of men in the world as you thought when you were a teenager, there is just one woman and one man.

Fight to get that one before you live to regret the rest of your life.

A man once said her grand mother use to tell him eat the meat and draw away the bones.

So don't get involved in every fight or argument that comes your way, some are worth ignoring.

I am a Christian and our greatest preachers of all times (Paul) warns us not to argue about the Bible.

You will never find me arguing what the scriptures say.

I quote the Bible to you if you take that then you take it.

Don't let small minded people argue you out or take you down into their little world and bit you.

It is said argue with a fool and they will drag you to their level and bit you.

What am I trying to say heretoday, know the fights to fight.

Fighting is one of the most effective ways if not the most effective way to gain social authority.

Select your arguments, only through arguments can you get off some of the things you thought were right, learn new things and make friends that are wiser than you.

When you get a new idea, learn, ask questions about that idea, so that you become unstoppable when you want to present that idea.

Don't act like fools that hear just any thing and want everyone to just join in.

Be wise in your findings.

Masterminding The Role Of Mathematical Function

Now do not scare away from me or even hate me for those of you that were running away from mathematical classes thinking we are going to be talking here about mathematics.

We are not going to be talking hereabout mathematics, we are going to see the role of mathematics in our every day life.

I liked mathematical function from the day I started doing it in secondary school. I had all my points from it.

Sometimes it came with very high points up 15 out of 100 and I made sure I got each one of it.

Mathematical functions are always given in an unknown term example x = 2x + y find y if x = 6.

So you notice here there are only unknowns.

So you will have to make y the subject of the function which becomes some thing like this y = x - 2x and then you can begin to fit in variables and then the mathematical expression becomes y = 6 - 2(6) = 6 - 12 so y = -6.

It could also come in a and b or any other alphabetical letter but we were use to it in the form y and x.

Some times you will even have to inverse the function to get y or x.

What relationship does y and x have with a human being?

Some of you may curiously ask.

Give me some time as we digest this together.

You have three unknowns in a human being, the head which is how the human being thinks, the thought they plan to execute, infact the head is so important to the point the Bible said ''as a man thinketh so is he in his heart'', then you have the heart, what is the heart feeling?

The heart may feel love, hate, bitterness, resentment, sourer, and the kidneys, what type of gas is the kidney producing?

Sweet, bitter or sourer.

Added to this there is the spirit for those of us that have gone to the spiritual.

So there are 4 unknowns to be handled here unlike your normal mathematical function with 2 unknowns. Let us called it a, e, x and y.

a = head, e = heart, x = kidney and y = spirit. We have given them variables but the variables are yet unknown.

That is why any thing concern with human life is unknown.

In a human live, a can only be equal to a (a = a).

Let me explain.

If you have a good head, you can only know how the head of another person thinks but you are limited to know how the heart feels and what type of gas the kidney is producing.

But with y you can know how the head thinks, how the heart feels and what type of gas the kidney is producing (y = axe).

With all that said this is a good mathematical solution for you to start taking spiritual things seriously.

Read your Bible, go to church, ask God questions.

Do not let any man fool you from what spiritual things are made of.

They do not leave what the eyes can see. So this is what you do, connect your head to your spirit (y = 3a) which will transfer important information to your head as to what type of human being you are talking to, in this way you will know who to get closer to, who to escape from and who to help.

I still sometimes make mistakes with the information I get from my spirit.

And each time I override the data I am getting from my spirit, I make a mistake.

So it is spirit first and then head.

The head is intelligent and smart but the spirit is wise.

So maybe this helps you like mathematics a little so that you stop running away from mathematical classes and stop hating your mathematical teacher who is just doing His/her job.

Furthermore, the spirit is going to teach you how to use your body as a data collector rather as a sex tool. You can round up the whole idea of this post by combining it with Developing Social Understanding

What Makes Sex Sexy

There is power in sex.

Sex is the most search word on the internet these days.

Sex sells.

This accounts for the huge success in public swimming pools.

People like seeing half naked girls whether you like that or not.

Because people just like submerging themselves into sexual content.

I even have a confession to make. Before I became a full time Christian in 2012, I was promoting a blog called relationship tips.

This blog was just talking about sexual materials.

To be honest with you at the phase of life when I stopped liking the things I do, I did not take drugs, I was constant on sexual content on the internet.

So before you judge me that was like my ''drug'' during that difficult phase of life.

No wander youths don't like old men.

Because they will only give you life principles and instructions, I mean those real old men they function completely in sex.

But how do you want to do this?

How do you want to be involved in the game?

You want to be the one that leads people back into the power of sex.

I can't see a sick person on the bed and I am talking about sex, I can't see someone that has been hit by a car and I am talking about sex, I can't see a drunk woman and I am talking about sex.

These people need the attention of the Hospital and then they can go back into the game.

If you go into Psychology homes, to those that are depressed, their main problem is because they have loose pleasure in sex.

They stop brunching their teethes, comb their hair, put on nice clothes, make styles to impress the female or makeups to attract the males.

When you find such people don't talk about sex to them because you will just be wasting your time.

Try to find out where they missed the game, some did it too much and got tired of it, some could not have it at all and ended up hating it, and then you want to lead them back into the game.

This is just like prioritizing things, health is more important than sex and getting sleep is more important than spending the whole night in night clubs and bars, and working all the time will wire you out. That thing is little work to get money for the family, little pleasure to keep the family happy, little sex to stay in shape, little bars and night clubs to keep you social life intact.

Don't misunderstand me, I am no sex expert. So if you need sex advice then visit a sex expert. I am just someone who has understood that humans function in powers and that of sex can't be left out since it is the most important of them all.

Living With The Laws And Rules Of Physics

I wanted to call this living with the principles of physics since physics is most of the times talking about principles.

Like the Archimedes principle talking about upthrust but you also have the Ohms law when it comes to studying electricity.

Physics is one of the science subjects with the ic ending, like Mathematics.

You must be very cleaver to understand the meaning of the ics, let me try to explain that since I am already talking too much about physics rather than life.

Let us take an example, a person who criticises others is known as a critic, and the term critic is routed from the keyword criticism which is the art of criticising others.

So that was just basic knowledge.

From what you have just learnt what does the ic in physics indicate to you?

That it is a doing process right.

I managed to do physics up to my college level, I even have a college degree in physics where I scored a C grade.

In high school I succeeded to continue with science but this time with Biology and Chemistry.

I have a high school certificate in those two subjects where I scored a C grade in Biology and a D grade in Chemistry.

So I am a kind of science guy if I must say that. But unfortunately for me we are not here to talk about me, I would have loved to tell you about my Christian passion my love for video games, but we are here today to talk about applications of life. I live my life based on science principles. Infact I find intelligence more attractive than sex.

So let us get into the life aspect of it.

How did I came up with this article Living With The Laws And Rules Of Physics.

I have to ride on my bicycle to a far city, almost 1 hour on bicycle and 30 minutes by train.

Each time I thought about when I will be in the city on my bicycle I arrive very tired and angry some times, I even get discourage to take off some times. Then one morning I decided why not focus on every second that life brings to me, then I begin to notice the comforting noise the bicycle wheels are making, I could hear birds singing, then the whole journey just became a fun ride to the city of Frankfurt. I even started trying to calculate the number of times the bicycle wheels has to turn before I am in the city of Frankfurt.

If you are someone that is doing or that did Physics in school that sounded like application of couples right?

So what power does life have over you, not until life brings your next second are you able to see and deal with what is in the second part of life.

So why worry about tomorrow when you do not even know what will happen to you in the next second.

Even the book of life said (the Bible) ''do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will have enough worries for itself''.

Do not seat home all day hating your past, I know this is something very difficult to do even to someone like me who is explaining life in terms of physics, but you do not have to let it hurt you so bad any more.

One thing is sure it has past and it will never come again.

Now you know what went wrong the lessons you learnt from what happened to you, take some time to hate the people that did those bad things to you, but let not the sun go down on that hatred.

Like the saying goes ''hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die''.

Blame yourself for the things you said and did to others, but thank God you are not like that anymore.

One of the most interesting but difficult sections of Physics is known as Nuclear Physics where it is talking about atomic decay.

But ironically, I loved that section of Physics, infact that is where I got all my points from.

This is not your normal food decay where flies stick all over the place on a decay matter and makes it smell so bad if not taken out of the house it can cause the whole family to sleep on the streets.

I remember when we use to have a dead rat some where in the house.

No one will have sleep until this dead rat is found and dealt away with.

But physics always have a way of making even a term like decay very important.

We are talking here about the energy an atom will produce when allowed to decay.

We are talking about the power of a Nuclear Boom and Atomic Boom.

You know what this type of booms are capable of doing?

They are able to take a whole nation down and even cause physical, chemical and Biology damages to life in that country and the soil.

Let us try to go to the practical nature of it. Say a substance x if allowed to decay becomes 131x.

Only when x becomes 131x is it able to produce power.

Some can produce as much power that electricity can be taken out it.

So in the form x, x is useless, but when x becomes 131x it is as valuable as electrical power.

Do not be quick to judge and condemn people.

Give them some time to undergo their decay so that they can produce electricity for you.

The Bible said ''judge not that that ye might not be judged''.

Let us try to use me to explain all of the Physics above.

I lived my life like as a fool for 26 years, I was the type that will not complete a single task.

But when I became intelligent, I was desperate to know more then I got the wisdom of Jesus Christ found in the Holy Ghost.

If you are not a very clever person, you will  find what I have given out like this useless, you might say everyone knows how to ride a bicycle or you might say I do not even like Physics I did not do it in school so why listen to someone telling me about Physics.

Well my friend this is not one of your physics class with a strict teacher and some funny lens on, this is a very important application of life if used well will add more meaning to your life and make it a little simple for you.

The Concept Of Idea, Tactics and Method

In this article, we will just be talking, you could as well grape a cup of coffee and relax on your couch while you read through it.

Make sure you get the point though what I am trying to share here.

I will be telling you stories of how I wanted to make money from a blog trying to teach people how 2 make a woman orgasm, to a story about a man who stole cell phones.

At the time I was trying to promote that blog, I was not even intelligent myself.

I had not known what men liked or what women liked.

So you see how dangerous I was to health at the time.

Before we get into the heart of this matter, let me first of all try to tell you what the two opposite sex like.

Men like to feel strong and like power that is why they are called masculinity while women like to feel beautiful and talk allot about their feelings that is why they are called felinity.

A good male is a protector, guardian, provider by instinct.

I don't know allot about females, since I am not one but at least I know they like taking care of things and like decorating things.

So you know this time I know what I am talking about.

I came to Germany back in October 2010 and I was desperate to make money.

On searching the internet on how to make money, I found out about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Later I found this guy who had an affiliate product on how 2 make a woman orgasm, he had many other products, about dating, marriage and sex.

And since I was new in a white man's country at the time, it cut my attention immediately.

More over he had the most affiliate materials I have ever seen till date, banners, articles, email swipes, videos, rebrandable products, which made the work even easier.

Yes I received allot of  ''not this one'' from family members, friends, teachers at school, and even some internet users now I am sure were parents at the time.

No parent will want a child to be learning how 2 make a woman orgasm online.

Now this is were I come in today.

''The concept of idea, tactics and method''.

Is an article I came up with after I found out most people have the right idea but the wrong tactics and method.

My idea was to make money on the internet, but my tactics and method was wrong.

The man who was stealing cell phones to make money had a good idea, but his tactic and method was wrong.

I am not going to be accusing you hereif you are promoting pornographic content online to make money or show people you also know something called sex.

I want to show you were the picture is wrong.

To make money is a good thing, we all need money in order to live, infact money is one of the most powerful things now in the World.

What type of picture do I get if I am trying to promote a blog teaching people how 2 make a woman orgasm.

First I will be seen upon as badly brought up and an infant who doesn't know what he is doing.

Secondly the buying age are mostly parents, how do I get a parent to buy such a product, when all they are trying to do is warn their children away from such online content.

Thirdly it's not comfortable to do, you can not conveniently do it in public or show people who can help you promote the content.

Another very good point is that, I was constantly feeding myself with sex content which is not good.

The guy stealing cell phones to make money could end himself one day in jail.

And most if not everybody doesn't like someone who steals.

He has a bad public view.

Now let us go into another dimension of what I am trying to present to you today.

At the time at school, they went behind my back and saw what I was doing on the internet and they were provoking and insulting me.

What they didn't know was that, that was my own idea of making money on the internet.

At the time they were more intelligent than I, what they should have done was question me why I do such a thing and then give me the right alternative rather than make me feel like the worst person on Earth.

What lesson can you pick from what I have just said, those of you going about hating those that are stealing, smoking, prostitutes, drunkards, don't be quick to judge for you don't know what happened and what their idea is in doing what they are doing.

What you should try to do is question such people, you will be shocked of the story some will have for you, try to be kind and nice to them, pray for those that hate due to a difficult time they had to go through.

Try to teach the tactics and methods of someone trying to teach people how 2 make a woman orgasm, to maybe promoting things they have passion in, like me I like drawing, swimming and Bible stories, I could share this and it is a good way to get some people to join me, who will eventually buy what I have to sell.

For that one who is stealing cell phones, he doesn't have to steal, he could learn something about phones and who knows he could become a phone programmer since he had interest in phones.

He could become a genuine phone dealer were he buys and sell phones.

Honestly speaking promoting that content how 2 make a woman orgasm ended me some visitors and I even made an affiliate sale.

So actually there are people who are searching for such materials and are even willing to spend their hard earned money on such junk content.

I am not here to accuse you, I have been someone promoting such trash.

As a human being, you want to be smart, intelligent, clever, wise.

You want to know how to use your body, as information rather than sex.

You want to learn the world you are found in, you want to have a passion, something you can not stop learning, and then you will find a male or female partner who shares in your passion.

That's what makes life interesting.

Your power is in your head, if you want to start over you have to come out head first, if you want to start going to Church you have to come out head first.

Stop doing prostitution or smoking because of something bad that happened to you.

Will you just let it go.

As a human being this is what is important to you, your value, usage, importance.

Prostitution takes away all of this from you, cigarette smoking makes you smell bad and reduce the amount of time people can find you useful.

I am not saying you have to stop today, that is impossible.

Forgiving yourself or someone is a gradual process.

Keep doing your prostitution because you are angry, bitter, hateful or sour.

Cry hate yourself for the bad things you let it go through, hate the people that did those bad things to you, blame God.

But don't die a drug addict or a prostitute.

Not until you stop and return to your childhood days, not until you stop and start living in time, life will only make things worst for you.

Travelling to a new country will not make live better, getting married will not make life better, going to church will not make life better.

I have a testimony for you when it comes to going to Church.

I went crazy in Church.

Not until you change your mindset and start loving you and not listening to what everyone is saying about you or trying to be like everyone else.

There're people that will love you for being you.

Get back to that child, find out were that child was trying to go.

Where is that child, people can only love and take care of that child.

Let us try to round up on this, don't do to others what they did to you, this will just leave you regretful.

There're very interesting people out there, find them, make friends with them, fall in love with some of them and make it through live happy.

Don't let people use your past to blame you, to tell you the honest truth, they have done some pretty shit themselves, and don't let those that saw when you could not do all the things you could not do take you back in being what you once were.

You're not there any more and that is your reality, that is what matters, that is what counts.

Developing Social Understanding

We live in a social media world today with the development of popular social networks like facebook, twitter, pinterest...

Thousands of people are found on these sites daily chatting, sharing photos, news, stories.

I laugh at Churches and some companies that still go about sharing fliers to capture leads when we live in a social media world.

Social media has become one of the most effective ways to promote just any thing.

Unfortunately we are not heretoday to talk about social medias, we are hereto talk about your social live.

Don't feel too important or don't feel intimidated by people.

Now don't go arrogantly to them seeming like you must talk to me, some are able to notice this from a distance and they will instinctively react to that by sending you away.

Approach people nicely some will receive you and some will reject you.

Don't feel rejected by those that reject you.

Some people can talk to just any one because they are interested to know how different people think the way they think and when they think what they think.

I am such people.

So if you are able to look for me, then just do that and I will give you a chat series.

People don't like talking to children because they think they are small and can't be talked to.

Teenagers are a typical example of those that send children away from them.

And some people have problems talking to fools because they think they will do what they say.

Take it from me, I have once been a fool, they won't just do what you say.

It's how the individual uses the information that they hear that matters.

I could talk to a kid as I would to an adult, the adult and the kid will understand the same thing that I said, the only difference is that the adult will use the information differently as the kid.

Don't use your body as a sex tool, instead use it as an information tool.

Only when you use your body as an information tool, will you be able to notice who is dropping what on you.

You will be able to identify who is valuing you high and who is thinking down on you.

In this way you will be able to notice who to draw closer to and who to escape from.

Don't hesitate to talk to children, they like it when they are given some attention and don't be afraid to talk to fools, just be able to tell them when it is enough.

Ask people questions to know what they know.

Don't look at people and think you know what they are.

Someone can be well dressed but jet have a very bad character and someone can be in shabby cloths but are super easy to go along with.

The world has been running for 8 thousand years, some one like me I came here on 26.06.1985 so I met every thing I see here.

I go about asking questions to know about what people know.

And it's interesting and fun to find out what people know, their believes, their fears.

Coming Up With A Master Piece

Talking about this let us name it differently ''Using The Combined Experience''.

We are going to talk today about something unusual.

If you read one of my articles Coming Out Of The Bed Room then you will find out I like to talk about abstract things.

Meaning things that are not usually talked about and ignored but they are very important when it comes  to human development.

I can also name this article coming out with a character.

Character defines destiny.

And you build character by learning.

Human beings have been on the planet Earth for 8 thousand years.

There had been a time when people lived up to 960 years, there had been a time of war, there had been a time of slavery.

Going back to learn what actually happened during these times can help you allot with developing a super character.

Now you have lived your childhood days, when you thought every one was your father or mother, during this time of your live you were trying to please parents.

Some of you were maltreated during this time of your life because you didn't know you have to do something wrong first.

Then your teenage days came when you won't let people sleep due to the development of sex hormones.

I am not here to accuse you of the things you did during those hormonal change period of your live.

Even the Bible said ''Judge not that he might not be judged''.

Neither am I here to try to talk to you like a kid as if you don't know what you are doing.

Now when you become a man or woman, every thing is not just going to automatically change.

People are still going to maltreat you, try to belittle you.

Because people always have this tendency to think you don't fit in or you can't meet up.

Now this is the problem I have with people, every one has some thing little to give, don't expect them to give more than they can give.

There are always going to be people that value you high and you feel worth when you are close to such people.

Look for them, make friends with them, fall in love with them.

Then you will have to do some detoxification.

What do I mean here by detoxification?

You will have to clear your mind of your teenage ideas of the world.

You know your sex world, world of Pornography, world of night clubs, world of cigarette smoking, world of drunkenness, world of drugs.

I am not saying you can't take a bier or two, go to night clubs to keep your social life intact, but at least do it now with some wisdom, a little of it to be precise.

As a man or woman you will find out that sex is just a little part of a large world.

If you don't have money you can't have sex, if you don't have food you can't have sex.

So you see some things even come before sex.

Keep first things first.

Don't seat home wishing you were treated better as a child or blaming everyone that maltreated you as a child or even hating them.

And don't seat home feeling sorry for yourself for the things you did in your teenage days and don't let any one blame you for those things or drag you back down there.

No one made it out of those crazy days without doing some stupid things.

You have famous preachers today that share the gospel with thousands and even millions that had to go through some rough times.

I will give you two example of such preachers.

Paula white her father committed suicide when she was 5, she was physically and sexually maltreated from age 5 to 13.

Joyce Meyer was raped by her own father almost 100 times, told her mother about it and her mother won't do any thing.

Can you imagine how dramatising that is?

But these two female preachers have done wanders in America.

Not until you stop and return to your childhood days, not until you stop and start living in time.

You can learn how to develop your male and female instinct by reading this article The Concept Of He She It

Coming Out Of The Bed Room

The title sounds strange and dull right?

But you might want to read on as I try to get you out of the bed room.

We are not going to talk hereabout your regular bed room activities, you know the things that do take place in the bed room are usually unpleasant and uncomfortable to talk about.

You were not born to be a country, you were not born to be a race, neither were you born to be a color.

Bosses do commit suicide, we all have heard about stars being found dead with needles in their arms due to lack of sleep, whites, blacks, Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans die on a daily bases due to lack of reasons to keep living.

I am from Africa, that is already obvious, I am black, you can not be white or a European, American and then you expect me to feel intimidated by your presence.

I can't be intimidated, no man can intimidate me.

So what I will do with you is just to leave you in the bed room, because you don't have any thing to talk about.

For some one like me, I like talking about abstracts, I don't watch football like most men do, I am more of the Philosophical type.

So what you want to do is develop what is known as the male and female instincts.

This is going to give you very important data that will make life exciting.

You want to make life interesting and the only way you can do that is if you develop your male or female instinct.

You might be hating blacks all your life and you end up falling in love with a black man, now how do you fight that.

You might be some one that don't go along with a particular country and then you end up falling in love with someone from that country or maybe you have a better job opportunity in that country, will you loose a great job just because of hate of a country?

Certainly not.

Don't read story books and find out that blacks were slaves and whites were slave masters and then you go about resenting whites or feeling sorry about yourself in the case of a black man.

Or feeling powerful and superior, low and sorrowful in the case of a white man. What you want to do is meet up with your requirements as a man or as a woman.

So if you are a man don't resent people feel powerful over people.

Slavery occur in the 500s.

I don't know allot about slavery because I'm not  a Historian but all I know is that it was abolish.

And if you are a woman don't go about insulting every foreigner in your country or feel sorrow for yourself.

There are things above our power to decide on among them include what gender we will carry when born (male or female), country, even who we are going to fall in love with.

Learn how to live with yourself and you will meet the right people.

We are all passing through this world.

You're going to meet people from all race, culture, skin size, skin color.

Be kind to people, love and respect them.

Who knows who you might be able to find.

In the days of the Israelites God was found in mountains, tents, special cities like Jerusalem.

But today God is found in the heart of man.

You might just get to find God in someone you least expect.

The Concept Of He She It

Now this is very important to your existence as a human being.

So if I were you I will take this seriously, make notes if I have to.

I could write a book on this and publish and it could end me best seller award.

But lets say I am a generous man who is not concern about the money but about the continuity.

It is not your regular table, bed, cupboard, car... as you were thought in primary school.

It can also be a human being, animals, birds, fishes and other creatures I can't even think of, even God is it.

You know ''it'' is an attribute given to things.

Some people have problems being called a thing.

So if you are one of such people you might want to accept the fact that you are a thing.

The ''it'' in God has what is known as God emotions, God feelings, God thinking.

I can't talk about that.

So if you need to know about God emotions, God feelings and God thinking, then you might want to become a Christian.

I am a Christian and God does explain to you about how he functions through the help of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

So those of you that are going about talking about God without the help of the Holy Spirit or without any knowledge of the Bible, then you might want to be careful before you fall on God emotions.

The ''it'' in human beings have what is known as male instinct, male thinking, male feelings, all these can be termed under masculinity.

You have female instinct, female thinking, female feelings, all these can be termed under felinity.

The masculinity goes after power and forward movement while the felinity is mostly concern with the feelings.

The masculine and the feminine love in different ways, when a masculine loves, he is thinking of how to carry their love ones to a higher position while when a feminine loves, she is thinking of how to keep the feelings of their love ones.

This is why there is always problems in relationships today if both parties don't understand how these things work and how to regulate them so that the masculine is not too concern about power and the feminine is not too concern about feelings.

For there is danger if the masculine is too concern about power, some bit their wives at home if they have a temporary stagnant situation and some even become child molesters, and yet some become serial killers in worst case sceneries.

And if the feminine takes control of the house, she start taking the masculine to have their girl talk, the masculinity in the male will react to this by distancing itself from the feminine.

So you want to pay close attention to your instincts as they will give you very important data about the masculinity and felinity.

You want to check what it is still doing to get his power and what it is still doing to get her good feelings.

Don't go to the its that don't know how these things function and you are disturbing them, they will hate you when they do.

What you want to do is run away from them, distance yourself from them and when the time comes that they gain understanding, they will remember you and they will love you for what you did.

Don't let it come to you too concern about your beauty or it should come to you too concern about her feelings.

You can easily get to power by teaching.

Jesus Christ gain the title rabbi (meaning teacher) in the days of the Jews, gentiles, Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes because he was constantly teaching the people.

So what you want to do is be in constant learning, this will not only help you teach others, but it has the power to build character which is the most important thing you want to pay attention to.

For feminises you want to show others your findings to get your good feelings.

Don't go about insulting people to feel good.

You are a thing but you have some things to protect your usefulness, your importance, your value and your dignity.

Don't let any man take away this from you.

Even God has warn on an attack on the masculinity.

Love people, be kind to them, respect all, give when you must give, receive when you must receive.

A good and brave king doesn't go out for war but he is always ready for one.

Functioning Under He and She motion

We can also name this article as ''The Combined Power Of Masculinity And Felinity.''

Just to give you a variety, so you know I know what the hell I am talking about.

In psychology and physiology, emotion is subjective consciousness experience characterised by psycho physiological expressions, biological reactions and mental states.

Now there are three terms in all that said that I want to get your attention to, psycho physiological expressions, biological reactions and mental states.

Psychology, what root word can we draw out of the term psychology?


Psychology: Is how the mind expresses certain environmental changes.

For example when I came to Germany, I thought whites new every thing, later I found out that whites think we know no thing. 

Physiology: If you're smart and intelligent enough then you must have already noticed the term physiology is rooted from the key word physical.

Like water that exist in 3 different stages (solid, liquid, gas) so does the human being also exist in different physical states.

You can be beautiful, handsome, not so beautiful, not so handsome, employed, unemployed, classic dressing, shabby dressing, cultural dressing.

Like water that you can not handle the same way as when it's in solid state, liquid state or gaseous state so also you can't handle a human being the same way in all the stages.

Your mental state is mostly concerned with your mind which is directly related to your sub consciousness and thoughts how you think.

You can be in a stable mental state, depressed mental state, aggressive mental state...

Now all that you have read above is what is called school work and I am not one of your school teachers.

I am here to teach you how to live.

Let's go into the he and she motion part of it.

The he's function under what is known as masculinity while the she's function under felinity.

If you're able to notice, you will find out that masculinity comes from the root word muscles and felinity is rooted from the root word feelings.

What does this tell you?

Males are always going after power while feminises are always going towards feelings.

You can notice this in young males, they always fight, teenage males always left weight and adult males state going for influential positions.

Young females start taking care of teddy bears, dogs, and teenage females will not meet each other without embracing, adult females are looking for an emotional man.

By now you should be able to at least get the picture to way I am trying to take you to with this.

Masculinities if left to extremes become child molesters and extremely aggressive and felinities if left out of the mark become goddess of pain, very abusive.

Now what if we try to combine the masculinities and felinities together, you think that is possible?

Let's try to do that.

Masculinities can make good protectors, providers, leaders, guardians, while felinities can make good care takers, lovers, and even leaders.

If you take note this is something that is not directly related to your normal Biology classes.

This is known as virtues.

As they're very important to the human existence, infact we are getting into godly rhymes when we start talking about virtues.

So your concern will be to build up virtues in each other and not concentrate on your selfish ambitious to get all the power you think you need or to get your feelings always straighten up first before any other thing can go forth.

What am I ''bla blaing today'' there is combined power in the masculinity and felinity if well annexed the two become unstoppable.

Every man isn't the same neither are all women similar.

Take some time and study your own one and  strengthen yourselves in what you are good at and try to work on the ones that need to be straightened out.

Don't follow the world of divorce today.

And sex is not what makes up a good and lasting marriage life.

I am sorry to be the one to tell you that.

You're going to get tired of sex in six Months.

Say you got married at 30, you will have to live another 90 years, sex takes just six months of your marriage life, you are practically left with 8.4 years to be together. Just to do some little mathematics.

This is going to be an unusual section but also very important when it comes to living on purpose.

Keeping Up With The Update

I wanted to call this ''Who You Are Able To Take Care Of'' but I felt it will be too soft for some of you since some of you can't handle being normal.

You think no body can take care of you or I don't want to take care of any body.

While let me tell you the truth, you need to be able to understand these things in order to make it through life.

The second idea of this topic was ''Coming Out As The One'' but this will be too hard for you, since I am talking here about a man that is able to set priorities and committed.

I am talking about a man who's God comes first, family second, friends third and then his career.

I am talking about a man that is ready to divorce his wife if she is trying to take the place of his God.

I am talking about a man that is ready to throw out a friend that wants to disturb his family.

I am talking about a man that will risk his pilot career to give a friend a helping hand.

So let us say I am the type that wants to carry every body on board and let us call this ''Keeping Up With The Update''.

Now let me try to define this to some of you.

What have you been able to learn through the years?

What have you been able to correct through the years?

What have you been able to see through the years?

For someone like me I have to see what you have been able to see before I can let you lead me.

As a baby you found out that each time you cried somebody came and picked you up.

So each time you needed attention all you had to do is cry.

When you became a child you run to parents.

So your attention was given to you by parents because of your politeness.

When you became a teenager, yeah!!! you found out that there was something called sex.

Parents will not have their rest again because boys always sleeping through their fence to get to their daughters.

Let us take some time and talk a little about teenagers.

This is a very important stage of your life.

Some people don't make it through this stage.

It's a dark stage, it is a time of slavery.

Let us start with me, as a boy I didn't know little children came to us (you know that is how we called them as boys).

This is because they thought we are the ones who had access to parents.

So for some of you that were able to meet up with this update then you had a fair time with parents.

For people like us we were rejected in this period of our life.

As a man I love the energy of boys, they could get up at 5 in the morning and still make it through a hard day in school.

Let us talk about the success of a teenager.

He had to please parents, by so doing he gets attention from their daughters.

He had to be good in school.

And grab the attention of little children.

Had friends with rich parents.

Strong in the case of a boy, beautiful in the case of a girl.

Could dance well in clubs, could drink alcohol and take drugs well.

When you become a man or woman, you will find out not everyone knew this updates.

A teenager should be able to take care of children, I man should be able to take care of a young woman, youths and children.

You will find out as a man or woman you will gain territorial power.

Teenagers come to you because of your power of sex, children come to you when they need to run away from teenagers, and when they need special care.

Now most men don't enjoy this period of their life.

This is the most exciting but the most dangerous period of a human beings life.

People become cursed during this time of their life, some even go to hell.

A man is a destiny force.

A man wants to keep his generation happy.

A man wants to understand the little section sex is able to play in human life.

A man wants to get a companion not a sex partner.

A man does not want to work under people but he wants to be his own boss.

A man doesn't gain strength in his muscles but in his head.

A man wants to be able to be heard.

A man wants to get a loving and caring woman.

A man wants to get something he believes in.

A man wants to be able to understand the vanity of life.

Each time I talk about vanity people don't get it.

We must do what we must do in order to live.

That is it.

When you become a man stop blaming those that didn't take care of you.

Take hold of your life.

Find out any thing you are good at, study it, bring out theories and proof it to the world, who knows maybe the world see what you have been able to come out with and love you for it.

I am not old yet so I left that section for the old people.

Living A Campaign Life

I will be talking to you today about something abstract.

What do I mean by something abstract?

You will not find it any where else because this is a life experience.

And it is not based on your regular talk shows, telling you sex is what keeps a marriage.

You will get use to sex in 6 months.

So you want to read this and make some notes.

I am someone who studies what makes a human live through life.

We have heard about wars (even world war 1 and 2).

We have heard about Slavery.

And for those of you that are black and are still suffering from the mentality of Slavery and when someone calls you ''Nigger''.

while blacks have not been the only Slaves in History there were other forms of Slavery.

Even till date there is still Slavery.

People have even try to beautify it by calling it modern Slavery.

But Slavery remains Slavery.

Whether modern or ancient.

So you want to get off that mentality.

Stop letting people who don't know anything about life hurt you by calling you a nigger.

Now how did I come up with something like this?

I first found out that people are making a living on the internet 2011.

Then on studying further I learnt people can create a blog, write about something they are interested in and if they end up getting people to start visiting that blog they can earn allot of money.

Then I went ahead to create me a blog.

Then I started learning how to get people to visit that blog (a process known as internet traffic).

I came up with a couple of things to do like:

- write articles and submit them to article directories.

- create videos and submit them to video sites.

- make comments on other blogs.

- be active on social media sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, pinterest, google+, delicious, stumpleupon, digg...

- create file and upload them to file directories

On doing all these things for 4 years, they came a time when it became boring and stagnant.

At first I could spend 4 - 5 hours on the internet trying to promote my blog.

2014 I found out I couldn't make even 15 minutes on the internet no more.

I wanted to talk about stagnation later in the article but let's just do it now since it fits into this section of the article squarely.

I grew up in Africa.

A small country in the centre of Africa called Cameroon.

In a dry dusty and muddy town in the southwest of Cameroon called Kumba.

The insect that causes malaria (Mosquito) breed in stagnant water.

Malaria have been known to kill more than AIDS in Africa.

One of the most powerful tool available to man is what is called Time.

Man has learnt how to control all the other factors of live except time.

You can't tell time what to do, time tells you what to do.

I'm sure most of you're familiar with the saying ''time waits for no body''

Time have been known to break even the strongest love life.

So what can you do to battle against a force that is powerful than man.

This is where I come in.

From this point, let's call this article ''Living Through Time''.

If you can't break something, then you have to learn to live through it.

For those of you that procrastinate then you want to take this seriously as it will help you break that bond off you.

First you want to prevent stagnation so you don't give room for Mosquitos.

Then you want to learn how to prioritise things.

Don't put your car before your wife.

Or Iphone before your children.

Don't decorate the house and have no one to appreciate it.

First things first.

Your wife then your car, your children then your Iphone, someone to appreciate the beauty of the house then the encouragement to do even more beauty work.

Once you're clear with all these things then it is time to create a campaign.

A campaign is like a project.

You could say, this year I want to get enough money to buy a car, Iphone.

Next year I want to get married to the woman I have been living with.

Next five years I want to have children.

Now you got a car, you got your law authorised woman, you got some kids.

Some people are pretty good when it comes to scheduling their lives.

They send the kids to good schools.

They have a good job.

They take vacations with their wife.

But what do you do when all these things become a routine?

This is when the most divorce is recorded.

This is when most men leave the house and even some women do leave their husband and children.

You want to always make sure the is something new for every family member to take part in.

It most not be big.

What about the whole family attending John's school football matches.

Find out some activities you loved doing while you were kids and try to rekindle that interest and get every one in the family to participate in that activity.

One person in the family could be keeping the family intact while the other is creating new campaigns for the family each year.

This is to add up to the regular family live, you know taking vacations, sending the children to school...

Once you have done this for say 5 years, stop then start from square one and take it through again.

In the meantime you should be creating other new campaigns, so when you find this ones becoming a routine again, then cheap in new ones every now and then.

Then you could move on to some big campaigns like writing a book or starting you own business.

Don't say I will start when all the children have finish high school or when my wife have stopped having children (menopause).

When that time will come a new complain will spring in.

Don't be a fitting in person.

Start now and you will find new ideas getting into your mind.

If you have any sugesstions, questions, comments, then email me @ mbuwilliams@gmail.com I will add it to the article if I find it interesting.

) Being Human

If you are quick enough then you must have already notice the title of this post is rooted from the keyword human being.

Who am I to bring something as delicate as this to you?

Well let me give you guys a little story about me.

I was born in the capital city of Cameroon (Yaounde).

Cameroon is a small country found in the centre of Africa with a population of about 16 million people largely involved in small scale Agriculture.

I went to school and have an advance level degree in Biology and Chemistry.

I travelled to Germany back in October 2010.

To try to find work and a better life.

I was cut by the Spirit of God in 2012.

Since then I have been going to Church

Talking about church I know most of you don't like Church.

From boring sermons to pastors always telling you what you must or must not do. I am not here to talk to you about Church, I am here to try to teach you how to live.

So how am I going to do this?

I function under the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Since I had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit, my life has completely changed for the better.

Being human means functioning in a presence.

Among all the other things humans, animals, birds, fishes etc do feel.

Human feelings include fear, pain...

So if you take note these feelings have no power in your being.

What has power over your being is a change in stat.

Your power is in your ability to listen.

The Bible said above all get understanding.

What you hear, you will have to interpret and then understand.

Use your body like information rather than sex.

How you do that is found in your thinking.

The way you think is very important.

Infact there is power in your thought.

What you want to do is, you want to love people, mind you love is the most powerful human tool added to faith and hope you are unstoppable.

When you love people, try to create positive thoughts about them.

These thoughts will be stored as information in your sub consciousness and then your mind.

Your mind is very important since it acts like a record, you know a record is already something that is productive.

So make sure anything that goes to your mind is lovely and has good repute so that you can bring out good productivity.

Humans are just trying to live through times.

You will have to do some detoxification of your teenage times.

Some bad habits you developed during this time of your life like watching pornographic materials, what you saw there, that is not how sex is being done.

Sex is a very sacred thing that is respected even by God.

It is a mutual relationship between husbands and wives.

Insulting people, must of the times when you have nothing to say and you feel bored you start saying stupid things about others you have no proof of.

When you don't have anything positive to say, shut up!

To round up, what am I trying to bring to you today?

Am I claiming I can change you from reading one article?

Certainly not.

Being human means to have a character other creatures can relate to.

How do you build character?

You build character by continuous learning.

Ask people questions see what they like hearing and listening to, then create an informational pattern which will eventually follow the normal route (your sub consciousness then your mind).

Try to be always positive.

You can do this by pushing yourself during difficult times not to get frustrated and disturb.

Be a listener laugh allot.

Human Power Points

I lived my life on the surface of the planet Earth for 26 years without knowing that human beings function in power.

There is white power, (white man power) there is black power (black man power) there is man power, there is power in beauty and there is power in the Holy Ghost which I want to talk to you about today how it is supposed to be used so that someone does not fool you about the power of the Holy Ghost.

Why am I bringing this to you today?

Whether you like it or not people are using these powers on humans knowingly or unknowingly.

So you have to be on your guard.

Some one might just be doing some thing wrong to you all the time and you wander why they won't just stop.

They might be thinking because I am bigger than you or because I am white and you are black or because I am more beautiful or handsome than you.

You should be able to recognize when someone is using you.

Now how do you do that?

It is your right to like people and for people to impress you.

I remember when we were boys we use to say ''I feel you''.

You have to feel people that want to be close to you or what to have a relationship with you.

If you can't tell people that are subtracting from your life to leave, then you leave.

Find people that make you laugh and you are excited in their presence.

The most common misuse of the power of the Holy Ghost in Churches these days is that, the Holy Ghost has told me to come and get married to you.

The Holy Ghost does not do that.

If some one tell you the Holy Ghost has told me to come and get married to you, that is a lie.

Choosing a spouse is totally a human decision, the Holy Ghost does not make decisions on things like that.

What the Holy Ghost can do for you is teach you what a great husband or wife looks like, how they do their things, how they relate to other people.

If a man is walking up to you hoping to get into a relationship with you, you have to like this man and he has to impress you, not that the Holy Ghost has told me to come and get married to you.

For those of you that are Christians and function in the right power of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost will identify when someone is trying to use these powers to get something from you.

If you are not a Christian, then becoming a Christian to benefit from the power of the Holy Ghost is easy.

Just pray this simple prayer.

Lord Jesus forgive me for all my sins.

Come into my life and be my Lord and personal saviour.

I acknowledge that you are the son of the almighty God.

Give me your spirit.

In Jesus name. Amen.

Becoming a Christian is not about going to Church.

Because I know most of you hate Church.

Is just like setting at home every day and reading medical books won't make you a medical doctor.

You have to go to school where you are given the proper training someone requires to qualify to become a doctor.

Going to Church just simply means to grow in spiritual things and get the encouragement and inspiration you will need through out your Christian journey.

Understanding The Power Found In Time

The reason I came up with this is due to the huge amount of backsliding in our Churches these days.

Some Churches even fall. This is because man wants to get into trouble tomorrow and tell God to come at 5:00.

To begin with, God does not function in time God functions in what is known as eternity.

Man is the one that lives in time and time has power over man.

Time is so powerful that even the president has to Schedule what he must do in accordance to time.

I lived for 26 like a fool. I didn't know anything about power.

I found out that something like that existed just 2 years ago.

So if you are the one thinking who the hell is this guy talking to us about the power of God and time, or if you are the one who is trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this world, then I have something for you.

Since I found out that power existed, I started studying what it is all about, where it is found.

I am going to name you a few, there is power in God through the Holy Ghost, there is Whiteman power, there is Blackman power, there is power in beauty, there is power in number.

If you ask me which ones are the best then I will give you just two, power in the Holy Ghost and power in number.

Now lets talk about time that has power over man not even God that has power over time and man.

The only thing that makes man powerful more than the other animals is their head. Man can be cleaver, intelligent, best of all wise.

To talk about time we are going to use two other animal species.

Ant: It saves during Summer so that it can have food during winter.

It is very small, it does not have eyes, their queens and kings don't even have legs.

The Wolfs: it is very active during the winter.

It has to feed on other animals and during the winter only it runs fastest.

It does its fattening during the winter season.

In fact during the winter period, it makes a roaring sound indicating dominance.

These two animals have no similarities, one is weaker during the winter season and one is stronger during the winter season.

But both of them know how to manipulate time.

I am not saying you go about preying other fellow humans, what I am trying to say is know when you are strongest and know when you are weakest.

Save when you are strongest so you will have enough when you are weakest.

God has already told us what to do he said ''be as wise as a serpent, a courageous as a leopard, as gentle as a dove''.

Study the characteristics of these 3 animals and you will understand what God is trying to teach you from them.

I will not do that for you.

God has already given man everything that man must use to survive through time.

Use your head.

See with your eyes let your spirit interprets what you see to you. Read your Bible.

The Power In Defeating Home Fear.

Fear have been known and proven to be one of the most destructive human illness.

People fear and die, people fear and kill, people fear and start a war, people even fear and divorce.

So this is a very delicate and sensitive topic to deal with.

I'm going to try to take away some fears from you so you can get some peace.

You were born and grew up n a village, city, country.

In every village, city, country, the people have what they fear.

The people have what they believe in.

Every part of the world you will go, people are not just going to allow you to be doing anything you want, anywhere you want, or why you think you have to be doing that thing.

 In any part of the world, there is what is known as law and order.

And this has to be kept strictly.

They don't allow man to be doing anything in any part of the world.

Some people know what is at stark and these people have to keep discipline.

That is too hard for some of you, but let me try to break it down.

I grew up in Cameroon, Cameroon is found in centre Africa and what they do if you make a mistake is give you some strokes with a cane.

I have been opportune to live in Germany, Germany is found in Europe and what they do here is send you out.

In worst cases in Cameroon, people might bewitch you, where they go to native doctors and destroy your live and in worst sceneries including that of your family.

Whites have been known to shoot you with the gun, since they are more practical than spiritual.


You can be shoot in Germany or you can be bewitched in Africa.


If you don't go about disturbing people, they are not going to shoot you or bewitch you.

Now how are you going to do this.

Any part of the world you go, you will have to become a child again.

That is why it is advisable to even become a child in each level you attain.

You Don't have to start doing what children do.

The idea here is get you back to the learning face.

Children are known to get into the most less human connected problems, reason being that they are learning.

They ask questions.

They have the right fear.

They are always found where mom and dad told them, They always do what mom and dad told them to do.

Remember mom and dad have experience and they will always try to teach you from their mistakes and success.

And don't forget everyone likes to take care of children.

When you get to Rome, do what the Romans do.

The Secret Power In Hate

No body wants to be hated, so why am I saying there is power in hate.

Before you take off your guns to blow off my brain, you want to give me a couple of minutes first while I try to explain myself. Hate is very unpleasant.

I have been hated before.

I know what it means to be called nonsense in a class.

I know what it means when everyone is finding negative things about you.

I know what it means to be a subject of negativity.

Now what does hate brings about?

Hate brings about rejection, isolation, in general people don't want any thing to do with you.

Maybe you are cut in an environment where you are hated.

Let's see how we can get some thing out of it.

When you are rejected and isolated, you are left to yourself.

This is going to cause you to learn.

There are some things about you that you can find out only if you are left to yourself.

Learning builds character.

So during the season of your hate, rejection and isolation, you will be building character.

The most successful people in the world today have been hated before.

When you hear their success story, it is full or periods of isolation and rejection. Then when they finally decided to come out and stand their haters, their character was exceptional.

They become strange, and human beings by nature react to strange things.

They are like aliens.

The most beneficial advantage of being hated is that, you stop trying to please people.

Human beings by nature are indecisive, you do A they want B, you do B they want B back.

If someone is trying to make you please them, don't even try to do that, they won't even notice when you are trying to please them.

Be you and the right people will love the you in you.

I am not trying to say you should look for ways to make people hate you.

If you do ugly things, people will hate you and there is no benefit in that.

So what am I trying to say, I am trying to say if you are hated because of say a temporary  situation like illness or lack of understanding, the power of self is waiting for you on the other site.

Be kind and gentle to people.

The Bible said if you must rebuke, do it with love.

I am just trying to encourage you.

How Do I Know God?

Have you come to that point in life when man has failed you and you start asking yourself the following questions, how do i know god, is there really god.

Let me give you a series of other very important questions when everything else fails.

How do i know Jesus Christ, is there really Jesus Christ, how do i know the holy spirit, is there really the holy spirit.

These are very hard and tough questions to answer since there is no visual proof of this divine being.

The reason I used the singular form of the being is because he exist as one in three.

This form of existence is know as the trinity ( god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit.)

So lets get into the details of the questions asked.

How do i know god, is there really god, how do i know Jesus Christ, is there really Jesus Christ, how do i know the holy spirit is there really the holy spirit.

Normally there is a book that explains the existence of these supernatural being that exist in 3 forms (The Bible.)

The Bible said ''in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god.''

God used his spirit (the holy spirit to create the earth) when the Bible said ''then the spirit of the lord moved over the earth...'' 

All these is found in the book of Genesis.

If you read down to the new testament in the book of John, it says ''in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god and the word became flesh and dwell among men, though the world was made by him, yet the world did not recognise him.''

The Bible is talking about Jesus Christ here.

Every thing about the trinity is explained in the Bible.

Read the Bible, if you need some additional help, then you will need to go to church and read daily devotionalson the internet.

God is real, Jesus Christ is real the holy spirit is real.

I speak as a weakness.

The holy spirit is a person that lives in a body (you) Jesus Christ is the son of the almighty god and he was given the power in heaven and on earth after his dead on the cross of Calvary.

God is god the father, he sits on his throne where Jesus Christ is found at his right hand and the 24 elders bow down and worship him.

I can't stress this enough.

Ask god questions tell him to show you heaven, he will and you will find other creatures, angels and others I can't even name.

If you came up with these sets of questions how do i know god, is there really god, how do i know Jesus Christ, is there really Jesus Christ, how do i know the holy spirit, is there really the holy spirit, I hope this article helped.

If not don't forget to ask questions on the comment section of this blog post.

Following God

Now this is a very important and sensitive topic when it comes to Christianity.

Most people turn to think that God is the one after us rather than we are the ones after God.

This is because when God found most of us, we were drunkards, thieves, drug dealers, took drugs...

Because God found you right down there, there is the tendency for you to think you are in charge and you can control God.

But later you are going to find out that God is so big, proud, God is a wild man.

He chooses whom he pleases.

When you just start with God this is how you normally pray.

God change my life tomorrow at 7am, God heal Paul at 5pm, God make me travel to America next week...

Later on you're going to find out you need to beg God to do some things for you and even fast before you can get some prayers answered.

When you start following God you are going to fall many times.

You can see this when Jesus Christ was taking the 3 disciples he had chosen to the mount of transfiguration (to make it all strange and better for us, the location of the mount of transfiguration was not revealed even by the Bible).

They saw Jesus transformed to God.

But it was not an easy journey.

We are talking here about climbing the highest mountain in that city.

If you have climbed a mountain before, then you will understand there exist all types of weather when climbing up a mountain.

Peter was so frustrated and so high in spirit that he ask Jesus if he could build a tent for the others who have visited.

He didn't even know the others who have visited, Jesus was the leader, he was suppose to be the one to tell Peter if he should build a tent.

But Peter in his frustration was like, can I just lead.

The problems new Christians face is that, they try to override human authority.

I have also been there.

There was this girl I droved nuts because I thought God had told me she will be my wife.

God didn't say anything.

I was just naturally attracted to her.

Even after telling me she had a boyfriend I went about calling her until she had to tell someone to tell me to stop.

I almost loose my job as a course.

Your Bose remains your Bose, your husband remains your husband, your wife remains your wife and elderly people remain elderly people.

God has not told you to go about overriding these things.

You can see this even in the way he brought his own son into the world, through a woman.

To keep the roles of engagement intact.

So if you loose your job because you will not respect your Bose, God is not going to do any thing, if you loose your husband because you will not respect him at home, God is not going to do any thing, if you loose your wife because you will not love her at home, God is not going to do any thing, if you go to jail because of the disrespect of an elderly person, God is not going to do any thing.

And the second problem most of us face is that when God goes too high we want to return back to where he found us.

God is no more there.

The second God comes and save you from your pit, he goes straight back to heaven and become God.

So how do you follow God then?

God is going to give you instructions through the help of the Holy Spirit.

He said we should listen to this one, we should not anger him.

Most of the time the Holy Spirit does not even speak, you are just going to feel something pricks you each time you get afraid and confused indicating that everything is going to be ok.

That is how God works.

God doesn't want to start world war 5 with you, God wants to teach you how to live.

He said in the Bible ''I will fill your mouth with good things''.

The Holy Spirit is going to do all kinds of supernatural things with you, he is going to turn to other creatures and play with you, he is going to turn into muster birds and fly with you.

You're going to be visited by angels in your dreams, other animals are going to respect you, you are going to have visits to heaven and even see how things work in heaven.

To round up, God is the best friend any one can have, he is there in your bad times, he is there in your good times, he is reliable, he said in the Bible ''I will be with you until the end''.

Listen to him, follow his instructions and he will make a way where there is no way.

Now sing with me

God will make a way where there seems to be no way, he works in ways we can not see, he will make a way for you, he will be your guard, hold him closely to your side with love and strength for each new day, he will make a way for you.

The Art Of Understanding God

In the universe some say there is God, Man, the Devil and other creatures.

Some say there is just man and the other creatures.

I believe there is God, man, Satan and the other creatures.

So if you share the same believe as I do, then read on as I share some very important revelation about this claim, if you think there is just man and the other creatures, then still read on because you might just get to understand God and maybe he will visit you.

Whether you like it or not added to man and the other creatures there are two other divine beings (God and Satan).

God, Angels and other Heavenly creatures live and function in a place called Heaven. Man and the other creatures lives on a planet called Earth because Earth has Oxygen (02) and water (H20) and the other elements essential for live.

The Devil and his dark Angels and other creatures live and function in a place called Hell.

We are not here today to talk about Man or Satan, we are here to talk about God and his relationship with Man.

God is a being, the Bible said ''Man is made after the image of God''.

What does that indicate to us, That means God also have a Centre Processing Unit (brain) and a Processing Unit (heart) and he does feel.

Mind you God does not think like Man, he said in the Bible ''as far as the sky is above the Earth so are my thoughts far from yours''.

The second difference between Man and God is that God lives in eternity while Man lives in time.

The third very important attribute about God is that God speaks, in a still, gentle, slow, kind loving voice, he also roars, when he need to. So from here you should already be able to understand who you are trying to make friends with.

It amazes me the way people pray in Churches these days. People tell God to come and solve a problem before 7pm if he doesn't they will quiet Church.

To be honest with you, God is going to let you quiet Church until you grow up to understand to whom you are talking to like that.

Another typical example is with Pastors.

You tell God to come and heal someone on a Thursday at 6pm.

You are not the one using God, God is the one using you, so what in the world would make you think that God can follow such orders from you.

Am I trying to scare you away from God?

Certainly not.

I am trying to teach you how to grow in God.

Don't remain and be looking for God in the same place where he found you, when he has move on to establish himself as God in your live.

Listen to him, obey and follow his instruction, only then will you be able to find out what a loving and caring father he is.

Fellowshipping With the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is the most neglected member of the trinity (God the father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost).

Some have even gone as far as classifying them, say God the father comes first, God the son comes second and God the Holy Ghost is the last.

Whether who send them there I don't know.

God is a divine being that exist in three forms.

Non of them is greater than the other.

The Holy Ghost is not some spirit that you can't relate to, he is a person, he has a centre of intelligence (brain, he also thinks) a heart (can get heart).

To carry out his function hereon Earth, the Holy Ghost needs a body (this is where you come in).

Every Christian should or have the Holy Ghost.

But the Holy Ghost is dormant in most Christian lives.

Lets take an example to explain why.

Say I am trying to direct you to the market to get some food stuffs and then each time I tell you to take right, you take left.

That sounds frustrating right?

I am the one who knows where you are suppose to be going and yet you won't take simple instructions.

The is going to come that time when I will just leave you on your own.

This is no difference from the Holy Ghost.

Unlike God the father and God the son, God the Holy Ghost is found here on Earth (that's right he is living with us here on Earth and seeing all the wrong things we are doing).

The Holy Ghost knows Earth more than any other creature on Earth.

He is very wise and intelligent.

The Holy Ghost might not just be giving you directions, he can even tell you which cloths you should wear say when going for a job interview or going for a date. People have been known to react positively or negatively to colours.

Some even have favourite colours and some are even allergic to some colours. The Holy Ghost knows all these.

So this is how the Holy Ghost is important in your day today live.

The Holy Ghost can even teach you on how to choose a good spouse, for those of you that are looking to get married.

The Holy Ghost can even show things you are able or like to do which you knew nothing about.

When you follow his instructions and then you pray to him often, he is going to visit you.

He comes mostly at night, through the wall, he comes with darkness, he can also carry you to an empty space hereon Earth and spontaneously turn into other creatures and play with you, he even sometimes turn into a monster bird and fly with you.

I am not saying now that you neglect praying to God and Jesus Christ.

But don't concentrate your prayer only to these two.

God is the busiest being in the universe, he controls and role the entire universe, Jesus Christ is mostly involved with spiritual things (heaven and hell).

As you can see the Holy Ghost is the one directly related to you.

Pray to him and he is going to reward you.

The Holy Ghost does not reveal himself to everyone in the same way.

To me he can come through the wall, with darkness, turns into a monster bird carry and fly with me, to you he might decide to do something totally different.

So don't set home waiting for him to come through the wall, with darkness and turns into a monster bird while he has something completely knew just for you.

You can share your comments if you have had an encounter from the Holy ghost by reading this article or some other time in your life.

The New Life In Christ

For those of you that are smart then you must have noticed that The New Life In Christ is the title of this blog.

So what is this the new life in Christ, is this some new priest or some new religious leader that wants to bring something new and cause confusion in the Christian world?

Some of you may ask, Of course not.

Normally I was going to Church with my mom as a kid.

Then as a teenage because of peer pressure, I left Church for 6 years.

I travelled to Germany back in October 2010.

During this time, I was suffering from severe depression.

I had lost my feelings, my concentration was very low, I over reacted to any little thing, could not come out with one good thought about myself.

2012, I was walking in a field suddenly something very strong took whole of me and before I new it I was on the ground. It took a very long time (about 4 hours, I can not be very precise since I was struggling with this thing the whole time).

When I finally woke up, I noticed I had gain my feelings back. So that is like my short Testimony.

Then I started going to Church.

With very little knowledge of what was going on in Church.

You know Sunday school knowledge of the Bible. I had been in the blogger world before but I was promoting sexual contents.

Now before you judge me, that was my own way of thinking I could make money on the internet since I was doing affiliate marketing. But as a Christian and as an adult sexual content will give me a poor if not bad reputation.

I decided to start a Christian blog.

At this time, the blogs name was Rhapsody Of Reality.

I was posting articles from a hand book Rhapsody Of Reality written by a very famous preacher Pastor Chris and his wife Pastor Anita.

He owns one of the biggest Churches in Nigeria called Christ Embassy.

I was attending his breach herein Germany.

Sadly I faced too much persecution until one day the Holy Ghost had to intervene.

This was also a supernatural circumstance.

But at this time I had knew it was the Holy Ghost responsible for the supernatural things that do occur in Churches.

It was then I got to know the Holy Ghost in person.

He has even visited me a couple of times.

When I knew the Holy Ghost and he started teaching me what the body of Christ really is all about, my heart was heavy of the things I see in Churches today.

It was then that I changed the blog title into the new life in Christ.

I have stopped posting articles from Rhapsody Of Reality.

The new life in Christ is a blog that is focused on teaching people about life.

On this blog you will find videos from great preachers I have listened to personally and they have something you need to listen to, reasons why you must get engage into online reading of daily devotionals, ways of dealing with depression, blogger tips for those of you that want to start a blog, facebook tips for those of you that want to use facebook pages as a business.

I am even thinking of adding weight loss tips in the nearest feature.

So I have got out of the box. I teach people how to live according to the wisdom given to me by the Holy Ghost.

Don't be surprised if I start teaching people how to eat on the blog.

I am trying to come up with a blog for the people. feel free to share your ideas on the comment section of the blog, your concerns, any trouble you are facing in life. Contact me if you must.

I can even blog on your problems and solutions so that together we can help to heal the world.

Like Michael Jackson sang (Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire universe...)

I am not going to ´sing all that for you here.

The new life in christ is for you.

What Is Prayer All About?

Prayer, looked upon as people who do it are weak or afraid of the Devil or suffer from a mirth that there is ''God''.

Well to backup all those who want to really understand what prayer is all about, then this is for you.

There is a superior Divine being called God.

The form to which we talk to him is called prayer.

Those that pray (talk to him) are not weak or afraid of the Devil.

If you read your Bible well, there is actually the fall of an Angel called Lucifer which is now known as the Devil or better still Satan.

If you concentrate your attention on the Bible, you will discover that it is a time book.

As humans we all know the importance of time. Infact we function in time.

Time is so important it does not have time to wait for any body.

What is the Bible trying to tell us?

There have been a time before humans.

Humans are just 8 thousand years old on the planet Earth.

We hear about Heaven, Hell and other planets different from Earth.

Divine beings have actually lived before humans were created by ''God'' as we read in the Bible.

There was a problem in heaven when Lucifer wanted to raise himself above the most high (God) He was cast to Hell and He went along with some Angels.

These beings have nothing to do better rather than to attack and disturb human lives.

Mind you they are stronger than humans, more intelligent than humans since all of them have lived before man.

The only place they don't have authority over is Heaven.

You want to make friends with Heaven.

Heaven is real, there are other creatures in it called Angels, they are more powerful than man.

So each time you have something that you can't solve or understand humanly, then pray to Heaven.

Heaven is governed and ruled by 3 Divine beings in one (called the Trinity.)

There is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

Non of them is greater than the other.

They function as one.

God the father and God the son are found in Heaven but God the Holy Spirit is found on Earth.

You can pray to them individually.

The Holy Spirit can be in good help when it comes to matters that have to be solved here on Earth since he is on Earth and knows more about Earth than humans.

Why I am saying all these, someone may ask.

What I want to bring to your understanding is, Prayer is not something you do only when you are in trouble, afraid, confused, prayer is a power tool.

You communicate with Heaven and in return Heaven communicates with you.

Don't be ashamed of prayers. Do it more often and you will get use to doing it.

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