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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmassy Cornflakes - Recipe

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Christmassy Cornflakes - Recipe

With Christmas around the corner, I suppose you will be worrying about that perfect dessert to delight your guests with? To help you with your quandary, I present to you, my original sweet dish of Christmassy cornflakes! I first made this for my friends and fellow interns in Lleida, Catalonia about 4 years back. The best thing about this dish is how simple it is to make and how easy and readily available the ingredients are. Take a look at the recipe:-

Christmassy Cornflakes


1. A bowl full of cornflakes (or wheat flakes or muesli... whichever breakfast cereal you prefer)
2. Chocolate sauce - half cup
3. Honey - 2 tbsp (for glazing)
4. Sugarfree Natura (a low calorie sugar substitute)
5. Jam or jelly (for garnishing)
6. Almonds (8-10) soaked overnight in water (for garnishing)
7. Walnuts (8-10) soaked overnight in water (for garnishing)
8. A soft milk chocolate slab (for garnishing)

Apparatus (Utensils Required)

1. A large bowl (for preparation)
2. A white deep dish (for plating up)
3. A spoon (for mixing)

Time to prepare

15 minutes

As I mentioned, this dessert will not take up too much of your time. You will be able to enjoy the Christmas party with all your guests! :-)


1. Add the chocolate sauce to the bowl of corn flakes and mix well. The dish tastes better when each flake is properly coated with chocolate.
2. Slice some almonds and walnuts and add them to the mixture. Make sure you soak the nuts overnight so they are soft, both on the teeth and for the knife.
3. Plate up the chocolaty cornflake mixture in the white serving dish. Let it set evenly all over the plate. It is advisable to use a deep dish.
4. Pour some honey into a spoon and lightly coat the top layer of the chocolaty cornflake mixture. This will give a nice glaze to your dessert.
5. Take Sugarfree Natura and lightly dust it over the dish. This will add some more sweetness to the mixture and also give a nice Christmassy feel to it. The fine sugar dust is symbolic of the December snow. You may use powdered sugar if you don't have Sugarfree Natura, but you will save on calories if you opt for the sweetener.
6. Take a slab of soft milk chocolate and cut it into thin stick-like sizes.
7. Arrange the chocolate slices around the cornflake dish.
8. Take the remaining almonds and walnuts and place them in between the chocolate sticks. Break the walnuts if you don't have enough whole ones.
9. Take a wisp of jam or jelly and softly place it at the centre of the dish. I used strawberry jam. You may use any flavour you like.

Clean the white portions of the plate so that it looks professional. Christmassy Cornflakes is now ready to be served! :-)

Christmassy Cornflakes

If you liked my recipe, do prepare it at your Christmas house party and tell me how your guests enjoyed it. I'm eagerly waiting for your feedback! :-) 

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