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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens - Did you know that every day there is always a new technology that is created? if you want to know please refer to the blog Gadget News well now we will discuss first about Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens as you need now, we have compiled this article carefully, so please see to finish.

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Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

Today is era of  http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/01/top-10-internet-safety-tips-for-kids.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Internet. Students much more depend upon internet to get data about their study and knowledge. Internet is also large source of information. People use it to watch move to interact with friends and family via social media , for online job, online study etc. Beginner do not have enough knowledge how to use internet. How to protect yourself on internet from malware. How to use internet with safety. What are tips for kids and teens to use internet. In order to answer these all question I am going to share an article about  http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/01/top-10-internet-safety-tips-for-kids.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens.This article guide you how to use internet with safety and protection.So, let’s move to have a look on top 10 internet safety tips for teens.

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

1. What you post 
There are plenty of social media website like facebook , twitter etc. These social media websites allows you to share post with your friends and family. Before posting any data, information and knowledge you must be know that what are you posting. You must care whether you are not posting vulgar material which may cause shame for you. Information which you are sharing is not harmful for any one.

http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/01/top-10-internet-safety-tips-for-kids.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">2. Don’t click on everything that looks tempting
2Nd most important tip is that never click on any link which inspire you or inform you to do. Reason is that many companies advertise their’c companies ads in order to earning. All of links are not real ads.Mostly ads consist of malware and scams. When you click on these links you prey to cyber attack. Virus enter in your system or hacking take place.

3. Keep an eye out for a website’s status
If you make online shopping by using credit card, or use credit card on internet for any other purpose, then make secure your credit card details. Never enter details of you credit card on any low rank or scam website. If you are going to online shopping form any website, make sure that website has high status.

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4. Use protected networks
If you do not want you data leak out and want to secure the always use protected network. If any other person is using your network then he may access your computer. Make your network protected and secure by applying password. Having password on your network, no one can access your network without knowing password.

5. Public posts
If you are going to post anything and make it public then do not sho who u are.Do not show your real picture or more details abou yourself. Because your real perosnal information may go to bad hands snd will create problems for you. Try to post everything as anonymous as possible.

http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/01/top-10-internet-safety-tips-for-kids.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">6. Business detailsIf you are a business man then you must follow this tip while using internet. Never ever share your office email address, phone number, or any other contact information on a public website. Make secret of your business details on internet.

7. Avoiding signing up on websites
Many websites on internet ask you to sign up. Never sign up by entering email address and password or any other personal information. You do not need a newsletter in your email, so do not fall victim to that.

8. No asking password
Hacking on internet is major issue.This is best tip on internet to avoid from hacking. Never tell any one about password. If you tell some one password of your email address or Facebook you will be hacked. Anyone can access your personal information if you have tell you password.

9. Keep your family safe

Most important tip while using internet for kids is that safe your family. Kids and teens must be guide how to make secure your family. Never share personal information about your family on internet.


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http://profsmythe.blogspot.com /2014/01/top-10-internet-safety-tips-for-kids.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">10. Summary
Hope so that above mentioned tips will helps you and make you secure on internet. Share this information with your friends. Stay blessed :)

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