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Monday, December 7, 2015

Top 15 Reasons to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet

Top 15 Reasons to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet - Did you know that every day there is always a new technology that is created? if you want to know please refer to the blog Gadget News well now we will discuss first about Top 15 Reasons to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet as you need now, we have compiled this article carefully, so please see to finish.

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Top 15 Reasons to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet

What Is Rooting?
We talk about rooting plenty around here, but here's the high-level look for the few remaining uninitiated. Rooting means gaining root access to your device. When you take your phone out of the box, while there are plenty of settings you can tweak, you can only alter what the manufacturer allows you to. By gaining root access you can modify the device's software on the very deepest level. It takes a bit of hacking (some devices more than others), it voids your warranty, and there's a small chance that you could completely break your phone forever. But you know what? It's still totally worth it for all the goodies you get access to.

To root or not to root? As many Samsung Android users, that's a impatient question which may puzzle you a lot. Rooting your Samsung phone gives you the privilege to take full control of any aspect of your Samsung life. After rooting, you can speed up Samsung phone or tablet, improve battery life, and enjoy apps that require root access, and more. Here, I list out top 12 reasons why you should root your Samsung devices. Read it and then poll on the reasons at the end of the article.

Reasons 1. Uninstall Preinstalled Bloatware

Every Samsung and even Android device has many unnecessary preinstalled bloatware. These bloatware drain your battery life and waste space in phone memory. Feel annoyed about the bloatware and want to remove them? Unfortunately, these bloatware are irremovable and you can do nothing unless you root your Samsung phone. Once rooting, you're able to remove them completely from your Samsung phone.

Reasons 2. Install Latest Android Version for Your Samsung

Dammit, why am I always three updates behind. This may be the most common complaint among Samsung users, less than half of whom have made it as far as Ice Cream Sandwich. Between the Google, the carriers, and the hardware manufacturers, there are a whole lot of shenanigans behind closed doors that determines when (or if) your phone gets an upgrade. Who has the patience?

Android's developer community, on the other hand, is a hardcore bunch. They're often able to get the new OS onto a phone months before the carrier releases the update, often along with a few bonus features. Once you're rooted, you just have to find the OS version you want (optimized for your specific device), and it's generally extremely easy to install the latest and greatest.

Reasons 3. Speed Up Your Samsung Devices to Perform Faster

Phone starting to get laggy? Rooting allows you to install customized kernels (the software that enables the OS to talk to the hardware, basically) that are optimized differently. You can do a lot of things to boost your Samsung phone and tablet without rooting, like install Samsung Manager tool to clean up caches and junk file. However, when your Samsung phone or tablet is rooted, you have the power to do more to enhance performance. You can remove unwanted bloatware, hibernate apps which run in the background automatically. Besides, you enable to unlock some hardware specifications to let hardware perform better.

Reasons 4. Improve Battery Life

Maybe you're having trouble making your Samsung through the day on a single charge? As I mentioned above, manufacturers and carriers put many preinstall but unnecessary apps on your Samsung tablet or phone. These apps run in the background and drain battery. To save and improve battery life, using custom ROM is a great choice. To make it, rooting Samsung is the first step you should take.

Reasons 5. Enjoy Apps that Require Root Access

There're tons of cool apps in Google Play Store, but not all of them are available for your Samsung. That's because some apps are blocked by manufactures or carriers. The only way to use them is to root your Samsung.

Reasons 6. Extreme Customization

Android is already the most customizable mobile OS out there, which is one of its big draws, but if you root your Samsung device you can really go nuts. If you want a total change, you can download custom ROMs that look nothing like Android at all. Want your device to navigable entirely by gestures? No problem, just install GMD Gesture Control (see video). Prefer a sliding keyboard when you're in portait mode, but a tapping, predictive keyboard when you're in landscape. Keyboard Manager will automatically switch between your keyboards of choice whenever you rotate your phone. You can also add features like widgets in your notification bar, or can change the way certain features look or behave, like the lock screen, or notification bar. The sky's the limit.

Reasons 7. Make a Full Backup for Your Samsung Phone and Tablet

Thanks to Android open nature, you have easy access to content saved on the SD card. That's why you can easily transfer music, photos, videos, document files, and even contacts from SD card to PC for backup. However, it's far from enough. When you upgrade to a new Android phone or do factory reset, you must also want to backup app and app data for future using. In addition, some awesome backup apps, like Titanium, are restricted to the rooted Samsung devices.

Reasons 8. A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

You probably know that your phone can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to get your laptop (or tablet, or whatever) online wherever your phone has a data connection The catch? Most wireless carriers charge you $10 a month or more for that privilege, on top of your regular data plan. With a rooted Samsung device, however, you can simply download Wireless Tether (yep, right from the Android Market), create your own mobile, encrypted Wi-Fi network, and your carrier will be none the wiser.

If you do tether multiple devices to your liberated phone, just make sure you don't go over your monthly cap. Data goes down a lot faster on a laptop.

Reasons 9. Block Advertisements to Play Apps Seamlessly

Fed up with the advertisements occurring constantly in your favorite apps, and want to block them all? It's impossible to block advertisements in apps unless your Samsung device is rooted. Once rooting, you can install some add-free apps, like AdFree, to block all advertisement to play your favorite apps seamlessly.

Reasons 10. Ditching the Skin

Android enthusiasts rightly hate the software skins that hardware manufacturers use to brand their devices. They're often bulky, ugly, unwieldy, or just downright not as clean and functional as stock Samsung. They're also a big reason those OS updates take so long. You're almost always better off without.

Reasons 11. Flash a Custom ROM

Once your Samsung device is rooted, you're able to unlock bootloader to flash a custom ROM. Flashing a custom ROM brings a lot of benefits for you. It changes the way you use your Samsung tablet and phone. For example, with a custom ROM, you can install some ad-free apps to improve battery life, upgrade later versions of Android to your Samsung device which doesn't have it yet.

Reasons 12. Optimize System

On your rooted Samsung device, you can do a lot of things to optimize system. Fonts' folder is located at /system/fonts. Once you get root access, you can download your favorite font from internet and change it here. Besides, in /system/framework save some files which can be changed to optimize system, like display percentage of battery, use transparent notification center, and more.

Reasons 13. Install Apps on SD Card to Free Up Space

Normally, apps are installed in the phone memory of your Samsung. The space of phone memory is limited. If your installed apps run out of your phone memory, your phone becomes slow. To avoid it, rooting is a great way for you. By rooting your Samsung, you'e able to install apps on SD card to free up phone memory space.

Reasons 14. Use Gaming Controller to Play Games on Samsung

Is possible to play game apps on your Samsung phone by using a gaming controller? Yes, of course. You can easily connect your gaming controller to your rooted Samsung phone for gaming playing wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Reasons 15. Truly on Your Own Samsung Phone

The last reason to root Samsung I want to say is that with root access, you're the only owner of your Samsung phone. Because Carriers and manufacturers always to try to control your Samsung phone by installing preinstalled apps. However, by attaining root access, you can block away the connection between your Samsung phone and carriers and manufacturers, and truly own your Samsung phone.

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